About the concept movie
THE CREATORS - from creators to creators -

CD: Atsushi Sasaki
DoP/Editor:Steven Clary (LUMIX Ambassador)
Cast/Second Camera: Jacob James (LUMIX Ambassador)
Composer: MarihikoHara
Drone Pilot UK: James Bradbury-Willis
Drone Pilot Japan: Akihiro Sasaki

Steven Clary

In winter 2016, I was fortunate to visit the Yamagata lens factory. I was extremely impressed with the attention to detail and the passion of the workers to create an amazing product. Whilst walking round the factory all I could think about is how I could feature this passion and craftsmanship in a film. After brainstorming ideas with Lumix designer Atsushi we came up with a concept, a year later and many adventures along the way we would like to present to you “Creators”.

Jacob James

When Steven approached me to work on "Creators" with him, I was excited to see how Panasonic's strong attention to detail and craftsmanship could be conveyed on film. However, it was not until I saw firsthand the skill of the Yamagata factory workers that I could truly experience what we later showed in the film.


In composing this music, I was inspired by the beautiful landscape of Wales and the story too distant people link together. The title is “Life in the light” . I imagine the light illuminate people’ s life for a positive future. Through LUMIX product, I hope people in the world will have nice and unexpected experience And I hope the world will be more creative and peaceful.