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Panasonic 100th anniversary

Unchanging Principles of Technologies

In its 100 years in the business, Panasonic has always stayed true to its promise of creating a better world and a better future. As part of its efforts to fulfill this promise, Panasonic developed innovative technologies in its products to provide convenience and improved lifestyle to its customers.



Prime Fresh and nanoe™

The Prime Fresh technology found in Panasonic
refrigerators keeps your food fresh and delicious
using the -3˚C freezing mechanism; while the
nanoe technology will keep molds and bacteria
from contaminating stored foods.

Washing Machine


Active Foam System

Doing laundry is now easier and more convenient with the cutting-edge technologies found in Panasonic front-load washing machines. They come with the Active Foam System that allows thorough washing of clothes for as fast as 34 minutes.


Aside from the Active Foam System, the
Panasonic top-load washing machines also come
with the StainMaster+ technology because
washing is not just about removing dirt and stains, but also eliminating bacteria on clothes, towels, and fabrics.



OLED and
Hexa Chroma Drive Pro

Technologies found in Panasonic TVs bring out a TV experience like never before. The OLED and Hexa Chroma Drive technologies deliver stunning colors, perfect brightness and true blacks to enjoy movies the way filmmakers envisioned them to be. It’s like having your own cinema at home.

Air Conditioner


nanoe™ Technology

Panasonic’s nanoe™ technology is a revolutionary air purification system that deodorizes, inhibits growth of bacteria and viruses, and also includes dust removal functions. We want to deliver more than just cooling or heating solutions. We want to create Total Air Solutions that will let you enjoy quality indoor air.