Make-up Sheet: An Innovative Contribution to the World of Beauty

Panasonic’s customized cosmetic product covers blemishes, makes skin appear clear and natural

Panasonic’s new Make-up Sheet is a customized “print-and-paste” product that offers the world of beauty an evolutionary style innovation in cosmetic form. 

First, the customer’s face is scanned briefly to precise determine both skin tone and skin condition. Once the appropriate combination of concealer and foundation are selected, an ink-jet printing process is used to generate a customized make-up sheet. Each sheet contains ultra-thin layers of concealer and foundation that accurately mirrors the customer’s skin tone and condition. Panasonic developed this exclusive make-up application system by integrating non-contact sensing, ink-jet printing, and other technologies with existing ultra-thin medical film.

Conventional make-up cannot relieve the anxiety of people with skin issues such as freckles, wrinkles, large pores and discoloration. Conventional make-up products are also inconvenient. The appropriate product has to be identified, and applying make-up properly requires some technique and is a time-consuming daily task. Make-up Sheet is easy to use because it can be applied in one go.

Determining the best solution for every face

Panasonic’s challenge was to find a way to immediately recognize the characteristics of an individual’s face and identify the specific make-up issues to be cleared up. Panasonic staff envisioned a new product that would be quick and easy to apply. Thanks to the extensive efforts of a multidisciplinary team of experts, Panasonic devised the ideal solution.

To come up with this innovative product, Panasonic assembled its own breakthrough technologies from various fields. When someone sits in front of a Panasonic Snow Beauty Mirror with a built-in non-contact sensor conducts a facial scan. The mirror precisely detects the position, color, and depth of freckles, wrinkles, and large pores.

Photo: A woman using the Snow Beauty Mirror senses the condition of her skin.

For skin tone enhancement, the company drew on the facial recognition technology of security cameras, essentially reversing the image-processing technology that powers the Beauty Retouch function in digital cameras. The data collected is analyzed using evaluation axes that cosmetic dermatologists developed.

To create a Make-up Sheet, extremely fine layers of concealer and foundation are printed onto a strip of transparent, biocompatible medical film. The special cosmetic ink initially posed a problem for ink-jet printing because the grain of the cosmetic ink is coarse. Panasonic applied material chemistry technology to counter that, and leveraged its head development technology and other printing technologies used to produce organic EL television displays.

Photo: The interior of an Ink-jet printer used to print special cosmetic ink onto a Make-up Sheet. Green, purple, orange, etc., cosmetic ink is set.
Photo: A printed transparent sheet (Make-up Sheet)

Panasonic’s Make-up Sheet can be applied simply by moistening with water. The make-up remains on the skin after the film is peeled away. The nearly undetectable make-up reduces the appearance of spots and freckles, and discoloration. And the sheet can easily be peeled off.

Photo:  A woman who is applying a Make-up Sheet to her skin.

Applications for the Make-up Sheet are not limited to the realm of beauty. Panasonic looks forward to seeing this product employed in the field of medical cosmetics, to cover bruises and scars.

Image: A Better Life, A Better World


Technology Public Relations Section, Innovation Strategy Office
Panasonic Corporation