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Environmental, Health & Safety Policy



Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (PA) is the headquarters of the Southeast Asia and Oceania region providing regional strategic planning and support in logistics, information communication, financial services, human resource management, marketing, environment, quality, research & development, procurement and manufacturing innovation.


PA is committed to minimize the environmental impact of all our operations, prevent pollution, provide a healthy and safe working environment, and implement programme and organize activities to achieve continual improvement in our environmental, health and safety performance.

We will place particular emphasis on the following:

• Comply with relevant environmental, health and safety legal and other requirements;
• Set environmental objectives and targets, conduct risk assessment by identifying and assessing the potential health and safety hazards at the
  workplace and take practicable measures to manage such hazards;
• Create awareness and competence for the environment and safe work practices through training and equipping staff with the necessary tools, safe
  work procedures and work instructions;
• Communicate the Environmental, Health & Safety Policy to all stakeholders, which include all employees and key contractors, and make it available
  to the public;
• Manage contractors and sub-contractors working on site, adopt best practices to handle hazardous substances, disposal of wastes, including
  emergency preparedness and response;
• Sales and service all products in such a way as to reduce or where practical, eliminate use of hazardous substances; and
• Promote Green Purchasing and the efficient use of resources.

Hiroyuki Miyamoto
PA Group Environmental Committee
1 July 2018

Junji Hosokawa
PA Workplace Health & Safety Committee
1 July 2018