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Fresh air in the hospital

An image of installed 4 way cassette air conditioner with nanoeX logo

Fresh air in the hospital

Hospitals can be home to a lot of unpleasant odours. nanoeTM X helps keep the air fresh, making the environment more pleasant for patients, staff and visitors.

An image of Gifu hospital and description

Installation of air conditioners with nanoe™ X technology in new hospital wing
reduced odours, creating a more pleasant environment.

Odours managed with less need for wipe downs

Hospitals can have a distinctive smell. This comes from disinfectants used to wipe down floors and walls, as well as from urine and other bodily discharges. When the new East Wing was being planned here at Gifu Hospital in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, we asked that a way be found to reduce unpleasant odours. The installation of air conditioners with nanoe™ X technology in certain rooms has virtually eliminated such odours from those areas. The air conditioners also seem to reduce virus transmission, even in winter when it is of great concern. Patients and medical staff alike report feeling a greater level of comfort.

An image of installed 4-way cassette air conditioner

Specially equipped 1-Way Cassette air conditioners installed in isolation rooms

Our East Wing has a number of small isolation rooms and staff sleeping rooms. The former have open access to a toilet and are especially prone to odours. For those rooms, rather than the high-capacity 4-Way Cassette, we custom-ordered specially equipped 1-Way Cassette air conditioners with nanoe™ X. Our staff are very pleased with the results and say that the East Wing isolation rooms with nanoe™ X installed are virtually odour-free.

An image of installed 1-way cassette air conditioner

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