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nanoe™ X broke down PM 2.5

An image of an office interior filled with nanoe bubbles

nanoe™ X broke down PM 2.5

Testing shows that nanoe™ X breaks down hazardous substances found in PM 2.5.

nanoe™ X broke down PM2.5

nanoe™ X broke down PM 2.5-adhering substances in actual space.

nanoe™ X broke down PM2.5

(PM 2.5-adhering chemical substance)

Operating an air conditioner equipped with nanoe™ X broke down more than 92% of particles on average in 8 hours. Air conditioner operation without nanoe™ broke down only about 14% of particles.

Testing organisation
Report No. ETRC257 / 16 / 14,2 (R479 / 19)
Environmental Technology Research Center

Test product: S-34PU2H5-1 4-way cassette air conditioners equipped with nanoe™ X). Test method: (1) Operated six 4-way indoor units installed in a room at a Panasonic Malaysia training centre measuring 16.27 m x16.43 m, or about 267 m2. (2) A sample substance with hexadecane adhering to it was placed at a height of 1.2 m in the centre of the room. (3) The air conditioners were operated at an intermediate speed then the sample was collected after the lapse of a predetermined time and GC/MS quantitative analysis was performed. Target: Hexadecane (Alkane)

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