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nanoe™ X pollen inhibition

An image of nanoeX inhibiting pollens

nanoe™ X pollen inhibition

nanoe™ X inhibits pollens throughout the year, making your spaces more comfortable for everyone.

nanoe™ X reliably reaches pollen​.

nanoe™ X reaches pollen​.​

Hydroxyl radical denature pollen proteins​.

Hydroxyl radicals denature pollen proteins​.​

Pollen is inhibited.

Pollen is inhibited.20​

Types of pollen that nanoe™ X inhibits

[ Types of pollen that nanoe™ X can inhibit ]

20Testing organisation: Panasonic Product Analysis Center. Testing method: Verified using the electrophoresis method in an approximately 23 m3-sized test chamber. Inhibition method: nanoe™ released. Test substances: Cedar, Cypress, Orchard grass, Ragweed, Alnus japonica, Japanese white birch, Artemisia, Olive, Juniper, Casuarina, Miscanthus, Timothy grass, Humulus japonicus pollen. Test result: Inhibitory effect was confirmed in 24 hours. (4AA33-151015-F01, 4AA33-151028-F01, 4AA33-160601-F01, 4AA33-160601-F02, 4AA33-160701-F01, 1V332-180301-F01)

Results may vary based on usage and seasonal and environmental variables (temperature and humidity).

nanoe™ X and nanoe™ inhibit activity or growth of pollenspollutants, but do not prevent illness.

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