LUMIX GH5 - Go Higher - Yasunaga Ogita's Journey to the South Pole

LUMIX GH5 - Go Higher - Yasunaga Ogita's Journey to the South Pole

A 50-day, 1,130 km journey
Alone, unsupported and on foot are the condition that Yasunaga Ogita insists on.
They are the harshest conditions that anyone could ask for.
It is nothing short of crazy to take on an expedition under such extreme conditions.
The man who has been spellbound by the North Pole has now made it to the South Pole. He was accompanied by a LUMIX GH5 to record his incredible feat, a part of which will be introduced as highlights.

DAY 1 of the challenge: Here I come, 1,130 km!

The first day is cloudless and Ogita, looking slightly nervous, heads for Hercules Inlet. The Cessna that brought him here flies away. Left alone in the vast emptiness, he shouts to himself to raise his spirits.

DAY 25 of the challenge: A massive crevasse that blocks the way

A massive crevasse appears in the vast emptiness of the snowfield, forcing Ogita to accept fate as he plods along one step at a time, dragging his sled. He reaches an altitude of 2,600 m, and the going gets tougher.

DAY 45 of the challenge: Arriving at the shining South Pole

He greets the New Year in the drifting snow. In a land that lay barren for as far as the eye could see, he finally catches sight of the South Pole. See the look on the face of the man who is tired, but feeling exhilarated upon finally reaching his destination.

His Only Witness: THE LUMIX GH5

Ogita says, "The LUMIX GH5 camera that I used this time is not one that was specially customized or tuned for me. The camera's condition was exactly the same as an ordinary GH5 camera that is sold on the market.

I used the LUMIX GH4 when trekking from Canada to Greenland on a route that had never been traveled before. The image quality was good enough to be used later for broadcasting. I was impressed that this normal,non-customized camera worked so well for recording beautiful images even under such harsh conditions at 40 degrees below zero, without a single problem throughout the entire journey of 48 days.

I took the GH5 with me for my South Pole challenge. I like it not only for its highly reliable and rugged design but also for the image quality in both videos and photos. Honestly speaking, I don't treat my cameras carefully.

I "abuse" them just as I do my other gear. Even so, the GH5 faithfully carried out its mission to record my journey to the South Pole, as my only witness.
I've now used both the LUMIX GH5 and GH4 without facing any problems even under such extreme conditions.

Notably, 6K PHOTO has brought considerable innovation to the ultimate selfie. It works for burst shooting at 30 fps, letting me choose the best image at a later time and save it as a high-quality photo. It lets me capture critical moments that I would have previously missed. Last but not least, the video quality is stunning. The 4:2:2 10-bit recording capability draws a lot of signal information during post-production, which is really helpful when processing and editing video clips for broadcasting and other uses."