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nanoe™ Hair Care series
Double Mineral hair dryer EH-NA98

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Deeply enriches to help reduce damage

Want to say goodbye to damaged hair and strengthen it from root to tip? With Panasonic’s nanoe™ and Double Mineral technology, EH-NA98 hair dryer deeply enriches your hair. It's also proven to reduce frizz and tackle signs of hair damage, dullness and split ends.
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Reduces hair damage over time

Panasonic's advanced hair dryer is designed to have the combination of nanoe™ and Double Mineral technology to reduce hair damage over time. Use it to lock in moisture, reduce frizz, add shine and prevent new split ends appearing*. The end result: Healthy looking and head-turning hair over time.
*Laboratory test, Germany 2018
Reduces hair damage over time

2X reduction in split ends*

To combat hair damage, nano-sized water particles generated by nanoe™ penetrate the hair, while Double Mineral increase cuticle cohesion - taming the tips of your hair so they are less prone to splitting.
The result is 2X reduction in split ends over time, for healthy looking hair.
*Laboratory test of non-split end count after 10 cycles, Germany, 2018.
2X reduction in split ends*

nanoe™ and Double Mineral technology

Our nanoe™ hair dryer holds approx. 1,000x more moisture than standard ions*, which penetrates your hair deeply to enhance shine, while Double Mineral increases cuticle cohesion to protect against visible damage.
*Compared with general negative ions by Diameter Measurement

360° care for enriched hair, scalp and skin

Intelligent temperature control mode

On warmer days EH-NA98 hair dryer will help keep your hair at optimum temperature. Built in sensors do the hard work and automatically adjust to create the best drying conditions for you and your hair, which means you can use it comfortably whatever the weather.
Intelligent temperature control mode

Hot & cold alternating mode

To encourage beautiful shine, EH-NA98 hair dryer comes complete with an alternating hot and cold air mode. This feature not only locks in moisture and enriches your hair, but it's ideal for setting your style by taming frizz to make hair more manageable.
Hot & cold alternating mode

Scalp mode for healthy roots

To add moisture and encourage strong roots, you'll find a soothing scalp mode on board, which works at a gentle, yet effective, 50°C.
Scalp mode for healthy roots

Moisturise face with skin mode

With a skin mode that encourages nano-sized steam particles to moisturise your face, EH-NA98 hair dryer provides so much more than your standard dryer. Use it for one minute after your hair is set.
Moisturise face with skin mode

Two nozzles for salon-inspired style

Built-in quick dry nozzle for fast finish

In a hurry? A combination of soft and strong airflows within this clever device gives you fast and even drying without damaging your hair. Heat is distributed evenly across your locks for beautiful results no matter how tight your schedule.
Built-in quick dry nozzle for fast finish

Nozzle attachment for any style

Our styling nozzle attachment will give you the confidence to freely style your hair. It focuses the airflow so you can achieve your desired look while locking in moisture and shine in the process.
Nozzle attachment for any style

Convenient and clever design for maximum control

3 speed settings

EH-NA98 hair dryer comes with three speed settings to make it easy for you to achieve your ideal style and finish, be it for long and lustruous waves, or a salon-straight blow dry.
3 speed settings

Compact and portable

Comfortable to hold, the ergonomic EH-NA98 hair dryer features a folding handle, which makes it easy to store at home and ideal for travel and makes a great gift or present.
Compact and portable

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Photo of nanoe™ Hair Care series <br>Double Mineral hair dryer EH-NA98

Size and Weight

  • nanoe™nanoe™
  • Double mineral ionDouble mineral ion
  • Hot/Cold alternating modeHot/Cold alternating mode
  • Intelligent temperature control modeIntelligent temperature control mode
  • Scalp modeScalp mode
  • Skin modeSkin mode
  • 3 airflow settings3 airflow settings
  • FoldableFoldable
  • 1800W1800W
  • 2.7m cord2.7m cord
  • Styling nozzleStyling nozzle
  • Built-in quick dry nozzleBuilt-in quick dry nozzle

nanoe™ Hair care series Double Mineral hair dryer Enrich + Healthy looking hair

nanoe™ & Double Mineral Reduce hair damage & split ends

Special drying modes provide 360° care For hair scalp and skin

Attachments meet your various needs Built-in quick dry nozzle, Styling nozzle


  • Yes

Mineral ion

  • Yes (Double Mineral)


  • 3 speeds4 modes(Hot/ColdAlternating Mode,Intelligent TemperatureControl Mode,Scalp Care Mode,Skin Care Mode)

Wattage (at 240V)

  • 1800 W

Quick-dry nozzle

  • Yes (Built-in)


  • Yes


  • 220-240 V

Body size (W x H x D)

  • 90 x 226 x 210 mm (*1)


  • Approx. 502 g (*2)


  • (*1) Without nozzle(*2) Without nozzle/power cord



Photo of nanoe™ Hair Care series <br>Double Mineral hair dryer EH-NA98

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