Panasonic Expands 2020 OLED TV Line-Up with the new HZ980

Panasonic Expands 2020 OLED TV Line-Up with the new HZ980

Panasonic widens the OLED offering for 2020 with the announcement of the new HZ980 Series TVs. Available in 65” and 55” screen sizes, the HZ980 shares the key features of Panasonic’s 2020 OLED models:

  • Dolby Vision IQ® and Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing
  • Dolby Vision®, Dolby Atmos®, and HDR10+ support
  • HCX PRO Intelligent Processor with Picture Tuned in Hollywood

With all these technologies combined into one screen you can expect accurate colour, deep blacks and precise detail associated with OLED screens and the HCX Pro Intelligent Processor. Dolby Vision™ IQ and HDR10+ ensure accurate scene-by-scene HDR reproduction, while Dolby Atmos® creates an immersive home cinema sound.

HZ980 provides the flexibility for viewers to see great content, from any source, in the best picture quality.

Picture Perfection

OLED Screen - the Foundation of Great TV Performance

HZ980 Series’ OLED screen has individually illuminated pixels. With no need for a backlight, the black elements of the picture stay pitch black – creating greater contrast and real sense of picture depth.

HCX* Pro Intelligent Processor

Many decades of TV tech know-how, and a long collaboration with Hollywood, is distilled into Panasonic’s best picture processor yet. It’s the powerful brain inside HZ980 - instantly analysing the picture, adjusting the colour, contrast and clarity for the best performance from the OLED screen. *Hollywood Cinema eXperience

Stefan Sonnenfeld works with Panasonic to guarantee viewers see what the filmmaker intended

All 2020 OLED TVs are a knockout combination of Panasonic’s technological accuracy with the colour-tuning skills of Stefan Sonnenfeld. Sonnenfeld is among a handful of leading artists who has championed the power of colour grading to tell stories and communicate emotion.

Stefan Sonnenfeld is a trusted collaborator of some of the world’s best filmmakers and has applied his skills as a colourist to many of the most acclaimed and popular features of the past decade such as A Star is Born, Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World and many more.” Paul Darch, Head of TV, Panasonic Marketing Europe

Now with Filmmaker Mode

Developed by the UHD Alliance, Filmmaker Mode allows users to enjoy cinematic video as it was intended by creators through pressing just a single button on the remote control. When activated, Filmmaker mode respects the frame rate, aspect ratio, colour and contrast of the content whilst also turning off noise reduction and sharpening.

Paul Darch further comments “Filmmaker Mode is supported by a who's who of Hollywood directors, including Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, Patty Jenkins, Ryan Coogler, Paul Thomas Anderson and many others.”

Furthermore, Panasonic uniquely builds on top of Filmmaker Mode by also using the advanced external sensors in the TV to adjust the picture intelligently according to ambient light levels. This feature is called ‘Intelligent Sensing’. Whereas HDR content could look too dark when viewed in a well-lit room, Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing perceptually matches the impression of viewing the content in an ideal darkened environment even if you are sitting in a well-lit living room. This means that viewers will see all the details you supposed to see, even in very dark scenes. To ensure that this feature matches the creators’ intentions, Panasonic’s engineers worked together extensively with two Hollywood studios to ensure the best possible perceptual match. Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing is unique to Panasonic and supports content in HDR10+, HDR10, HLG, and SDR.

New Dolby Vision IQ®

Panasonic also expands the capabilities of its 2020 OLED range to Hollywood’s highest fidelity content, Dolby Vision, through support of Dolby Vision IQ. Dolby Vision IQ uses Dolby Vision dynamic metadata to intelligently display every detail of the content, adjusting to the brightness of the room. It also informs the TV what type of content is being shown and will modify its settings to ensure images are displayed exactly as they should be. With Dolby Vision IQ, viewers will see things what the creator intended in any room and with any content type.

By supporting both Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing and Dolby Vision IQ, owners of Panasonic’s 2020 OLED TVs will uniquely be able to see Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, HLG and SDR contents as they were intended even in brightly-lit rooms.

Netflix Calibrated Mode

Netflix series and films are made to exacting standards, with the potential to look stunning on a correctly set-up big screen TV. HZ980 gets the best from Netflix shows, delivering them to viewers’ homes as the creators intended.

A Sound Choice

Great Sound Supports the Vision

True emotional connection with movies needs two things: great vision and sound. Like all Panasonic OLED TVs, HZ980 backs outstanding picture performance with the latest audio technology.

Dolby Atmos®

Found in the newest cinemas, and Panasonic’s premium TVs, Dolby Atmos® expresses sound with astonishing clarity, richness and depth. Sound effects are precisely placed in virtual space to envelope viewers in the on-screen world.

HZ980’s in-built sound-system, Cinema Surround Pro, brings home cinema to life. Soundscapes captivate, bass is lush, and dialogue crystal clear.

HZ980’s integrated audio system can be supplemented with a subwoofer*, adding rich bass tones for an even more atmospheric experience. *Compatible subwoofer sold separately

HDMI 2.1 eARC compatibility allows HZ980 to send high quality sound to AV receivers and the newest soundbars - getting the best from Dolby Atmos®.

With Bluetooth® Audio Link, HZ980 can easily connect to wireless speakers or Bluetooth® headphones. Also, phone sound can be played through the TV’s speakers.

Smart Features

Smarter Ways to Expand your View

The TV is now the entertainment hub at the heart of the living room. HZ980 easily allows content, from a variety of sources, to be shown in breath taking quality on the OLED screen.

Panasonic’s new My Home Screen 5.0 smart TV platform is even easier to use. With quick loading thumbnails, and only one layer to navigate, viewers can get straight to their favourite streaming services and apps.

Voice Assistant compatible with Amazon Alexa* or Google Assistant* devices for hands-free TV operation. Changing channel, adjusting volume or turning the power off can be performed by voice alone. *Sold separately

Viewing Choices

Choose What to Watch When

Catch-up easily with the UK’s most popular shows thanks to Freeview Play* - using HZ980’s remote control from the comfort of the sofa. Over 70 channels, 15 in HD, and a seven-day TV guide. *Broadband connection required, UK only

With both terrestrial (Freeview) and satellite* tuners for flexibility. No matter where viewers live, they can be assured a great broadcast TV picture. *Dish & installation required

Easy recording* of broadcast TV - by simply connecting a USB HDD** and pressing REC on the HZ980’s remote. *Some programmes may be copy protected **160GB capacity or more


A Design for Life

The elegant design style of Panasonic’s 2020 OLED line-up extends to HZ980. A slim, minimalist design that looks impressive in any home, while not detracting from the decor or the spectacular pictures on-screen. The TV is often one of the biggest branded product in the living room. It needs to harmonise with the decor and appeal to the whole family – especially when it’s off. Minimalist design lets within the HZ980 achieve this.

The HZ980 will be available from July starting from £1699.99.

Panasonic Expands 2020 OLED TV Line-Up with the new HZ980
Panasonic Expands 2020 OLED TV Line-Up with the new HZ980