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Get more out of your music!

Get more out of your music!

It's what you listen to. It's what lets you relax. It's what gets you going. It's...you!

Get more out of your music with the brand new Panasonic headphones and NE Series wireless speakers!

Sound Meets Fashion - Technics Headphones & HXD Series

Get immersed in the experience of great sound wherever you are with the Panasonic Technics headphones. Packed with features that enhance your music, the stylish, minimalistic designs and colourful finishes, make these as much a fashion accessory, as a music necessity. The new range of headphones for 2013 includes the return of our legendary Technics DJ headphones - own a piece of history making kit once coveted by the industry's top DJs.

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'Shop to the Beat' party

Great music, beautiful designs and some of the biggest celebrities who love their fashion and love their music even more! That's what the "Panasonic Technics - Shop to the Beat" party was all about! Held at the flagship French Connection UK store at Oxford Street, the party brought together the latest series of headphones from Panasonic and the trendiest designs from French Connection UK!

DJ George Lamb had everybody on their feet all evening with some great tunes, as the guests mingled with the cast of Made in Chelsea, DJ Paul Rudd and Pixie Lott! Shopping in the store was given a whole new meaning with 5 special and exclusive playlists created by DJ George Lamb for different moods. So, whether you’re looking to impress on a first date, or get away from it all you had the perfect tunes to get you in the right mood!

NE Series Wireless Speakers

Set your music free with the NE Series of wireless speakers. Full wireless connectivity, wall mountable crystal edge design, great sound and easy to use.

And you can get even more out of your music with the new Panasonic Music Streaming App. It's wireless streaming, the way it was meant to be! Use Bluetooth, AirPlay or DLNA streaming technologies and controls wireless music streaming from any device, be it smartphone, tablet or PC. Without complicated set-ups - the app recognises not only the NE series but also other wireless speakers!

One set-up, easy control - relax and enjoy!

Read more about the NE Series Wireless Speakers