Cleaner Air, Greater Comfort

Travel confidently. Live safely.

How do we keep our bodies healthy?
By exercising regularly and caring about what we eat, what we touch and what we breathe.
nanoe™ X technology helps create a healthier indoor space by neutralising harmful allergens, bacteria, certain viruses and mould.
Thanks to the incredible power of hydroxyl radicals,
you can enjoy a healthier, cleaner and more comfortable lifestyle.

Cleaner air in all walks of life

nanoe™ X air purifier, deodorises and moisturises for a more comfortable drive.

Don’t compromise your adventures, with confident air quality whilst travelling.

Inspired by nature, enjoy the benefits of cleaner air you can trust.

Eating out? Experience Panasonic’s nanoe™ X technology at your table.

nanoe™ X: Air purification 24/7

The comfort of clean air, thanks to nanoe™ X technology

An illustration of the effects of nanoe™ X

1. Deodorises:

2. Inhibits 5 types of pollutants: certain type of bacteria and viruses, mould, allergens, pollens, and hazardous substances

3. Moisturises skin and hair

The effects of nanoe™ X products can only be expected in the room where the product is placed, and vary depending on room size, environment and usage. It may take several hours for nanoe™ X to reach its full effect. nanoe™ X products are not medical devices. Local building design and sanitation regulations must be respected.

Ways to experience nanoe™ X

4-Way cassette


Floor console


Adaptive Duct

Portable nanoe™ X Generator

Case studies

Motorpoint (UK)

SIPO Pharmacy Chain(BENU)

Paradigm mall (Malaysia)

SAVASA ASA (Indonesia)

Albert Hotel (Australia)

Dental clinic (France)

EDEKA (Deutschland)


D’Network (Malaysia)