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Cooling & Heating Wall-mounted Air Conditioner

Cooling & Heating Wall-mounted Air Conditioner

Cooling & Heating Wall-mounted Air Conditioner

Ensure constant comfort with a cooling and heating air conditioner. With product ranges to suit your specific needs, our air conditioners ensure you live comfortably all year.



Capacity (kW)


2.50 - 7.10

2.65 - 5.20


3.20 - 8.00

3.15 - 5.40

24h nanoe™ X Protection

nanoe™ X + Comfort Cloud App

Air Purification

nanoe™ X

(Mark3 : CS-XZ9/12/18/24ZKH-8)
(Mark2 : CS-XZ9/12/18/24XKH-8)


Air Connectivity

Comfort Cloud App

Built-in Wi-Fi

Optional Network Adaptor


Humidity Control

iAUTO-X with Humidity Sensor

Dry Mode with Humidity Sensor


Fast Cooling



Airflow Control






*CZ-TACG1 WLAN adaptor required per unit.

Premium Inverter

The Premium Inverter series offers the latest Panasonic technology, including built-in Wi-Fi control, Dry Mode with Humidity Sensor*, and air purification with 24-hour nanoe™ X protection. The new nanoe X Generator Mark 3* that generates 100 times the amount of hydroxyl radicals compared to the original nanoe™ has been proven to effectively inhibit pollen and reduce odours in a shorter time with greater effectiveness.

Note: Dry Mode with Humidity Sensor and nanoe X Generator Mark 3 is applicable to CS-XZ9/12/18/24ZKH-8 only.

Standard Inverter

The Standard Inverter Heat Pump series offers POWERFUL Mode for instant cooling and heating performance on start-up as well as ECO Mode with AI control for optimal energy efficiency. nanoe-G provides air purification for cleaner living spaces, and Wi-Fi Control provides the convenience of adjusting device operation anytime, anywhere.

Why Panasonic

Air Conditioning Expertise

Since the introduction of our first window type air conditioner in 1958, Panasonic Air Conditioning has grown to become a globally recognised and celebrated brand, delivering unmatched quality and reliability.

Total Air Solutions

With over 300 products, Panasonic has a product or solution for every application. From residential applications to large scale commercial, we endeavour to provide fully customisable total air solutions for any and all applications.

Quality & Reliability

Panasonic air conditioners are manufactured to ensure years of reliable comfort. With a 5-year warranty encompassing both residential and commercial applications, you can rest easy with Panasonic.


Panasonic provides control solutions to satisfy all residential and commercial needs. Our range of controllers demonstrate flexibility in application, providing you with a comprehensive solution to any system need.

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