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Panasonic Comfort Cloud App For Residential

Panasonic Comfort Cloud App For Residential

Enjoy All The Features of a Remote Control From Your Mobile Device

Panasonic Comfort Cloud Application lets you manage multiple air conditioning units
from just one mobile device.

Other Features

Operation Mode Selection
Adjust room temperature to your preferred operation mode (iAUTO-X, Cool and Dry).

Control Airflow Direction*
Choose from Auto or Swing (up-down / left-right*) mode to manage airflow direction for optimum cooling.
*Left-Right Swing option is available only on selected models.

Change Fan Speed
Adjust to your preferred fan speed or swipe to turn on auto fan mode for automatic adjustment.

Cool your room quickly before reaching home on hot days with POWERFUL Mode.
*POWERFUL mode is not available in models with the iAUTO-X feature.

CZ-TACG1 Network Adaptor Specification

Input Voltage

DC 12V

Power Consumption

Max 660mW

Size (H x W x D)

66mm x 36mm x 12mm


Approx. 85g


1 x Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN Standard

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Frequency Range

2.4Ghz band




 · Wireless LAN connection is required.
· For compatible models without built-in wireless LAN feature,  the optional wireless LAN adaptor
  CZ-TACG is required.
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