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Cleaner and Fresher Air.​
Enhance the shopping experience.​

Cleaner and Fresher Air.​ Enhance the shopping experience.​

Many supermarket owners aspire to provide fresh foods to customers in a safe and comfortable space. Josep Ametller, who cofounded Ametller Origen in Spain 20 years ago, is among those dedicated to achieving this aim. Josep installed Panasonic air conditioners with nanoe™ X technology in his chain of supermarkets. His choice stemmed from his concern for improved indoor air quality on behalf of his many customers, his staff, and his fresh merchandise.

How nanoe™ X  works

Thanks to the characteristics of nanoe™ X, pollutants can be inhibited.

nanoe™ X reaches pollutant.

nanoe™ X reaches pollutant.

Hydroxyl radicals denature pollutant proteins.

Hydroxyl radicals denature pollutant proteins.

Pollutant is inhibited.

Pollutant is inhibited.

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Fresher air. More comfortable space. ​

Fresher air. More comfortable space.
Fresher air. More comfortable space.

The recipe for a successful supermarket is food freshness, friendly customer service, and a pleasant shopping experience. Customers can be distracted by wafting odors of fish and worries about pollutants in the air. You can maximize shopper comfort by enhancing air quality for a cleaner and safer environment. This can be facilitated with air conditioners equipped with nanoe™ X technology, which improve air quality by suppressing odors and inhibiting certain viruses and allergens.

Cleaner spaces for happier shopping.​

Cleaner spaces for happier shopping.​

Panasonic technology creates a cleaner and more comfortable environment by literally using water to clean the air. nanoe™ X electrifies hydroxyl (OH) radicals in microscopic water droplets that inhibit a wide range of air contaminants. The result is cleaner, fresher, safer air ‒ a concern that will undoubtedly grow stronger in the future. Assisting the safety and security of the customer is a step toward greater customer satisfaction.

Quality air enhances shopping comfort​​

The primary concerns of a supermarket owner are interconnected. First, you must attend to the security and safety of the customers. And of course, you must pay heed to the freshness of your food. Plus there’s the overarching concern that encompasses the welfare of the customer and the food: the quality of the air. These concerns can be addressed by installing air conditioners with nanoe™ X technology. After all, the unifying factor of air quality may be the critical challenge for achieving long-term success.

Josep Ametller
Director General Co-founder

Quality air enhances shopping comfort​

Solutions & Technology Applied

Ametller Origen installed several different Panasonic air conditioning units in their supermarkets to match functionality with the size and use of the various spaces within each facility to achieve uniform quality air.

They have installed Panasonic 4-way cassette air conditioner that provides 360° wide airflow to cool large spaces evenly. With its flat horizontal design, the 4-way cassette air conditioner fits neatly into the ceiling without affecting the aesthetic look of the supermarkets.

The D1 range of slimline 1-way cassettes, which can be placed within the ceiling void, has a powerful yet quiet fan that can reach the floor from a ceiling height up to 4.2 m.

The Panasonic adaptive ducted units, which offer flexible installation, feature exceptional noise-level performance and a smoother airflow than conventional models, thanks to an improved proprietary casing design.

Finally, they installed small, lightweight wall-mounted units that are ideal for small offices and other commercial applications. It operates at a low noise level and features a stylish smooth design with a washable front panel.

For a comfortable shopping environment, Ametller Origin has installed in some of the air conditioning systems the nanoe ™ X technology.

Panasonic nanoe™ X technology offers the benefits of hydroxyl radicals (also known as OH radicals) contained in water and has the capacity to inhibit bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants as well as deodorize odors. The nano-sized particles of nanoe™ X allow for deep penetration into soft furnishings like fabric, sofas, and carpets. nanoe™ X technology is proven to effectively inhibit more than 99%* of novel coronavirus.

Products installed:
Indoor Units
S-90MU2E5A: 6 Units
S-56MU2E5A: 9 Units
S-106MU2E5A: 4 Units
S-60MU2E5A: 2 Units
S-56MD1E5: 3 Units
S-45MD1E5: 1 Units
S-90MF2E5A: 4 Units
S-36MU2E5A: 2 Units
S-22MK2E5A: 1 Units
S-15MK2E5A: 1 Units
S-56ML1E5: 1 Units
S-73ML1E5: 3 Units
S-22ML1E5: 2 Units

Outdoor Units
U-14ME2E8: 1 Units
U-16ME2E8: 1 Units
U-18ME2E8: 1 Units
U-20ME2E8: 1 Units
U-12ME2E8: 1 Units
U-5LE2E5: 1 Units
U-8LE1E8: 1 Units

*nanoe™ device inhibits activity of adhered novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) by over 99% in 3 hours (1)Testing organization: Osaka Prefecture University (2)Test subject: Adhered novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) (3)Test volume: 45L enclosed box (350×350×400mm) (4)Test result: Inhibited over 99% in 3 hours

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