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An image of Panasonic Complete Air Management System installed at Pullman Hotel

The Future Of Air Quality

The town centre where Pullman-Hanoi is located often reaches alarming pollution and acceptable dust levels. Panasonic’s Complete Air Management System perfectly fits the space in such environments.

Pullman Hotel is not concerned about town pollution.

Pullman Hanoi is located on the main street, where pollution and fine dust are at alarming levels. In response, we have trial-installed the Panasonic Complete Air Management System in one of our Pullman Suite rooms to improve air quality significantly. The Air-E ceiling-mount nanoe-X generator from the Panasonic Complete Air Management System will proactively inhibit 99% of viruses and bacteria, hazardous substances found in PM2.5, and odours in the air.



General Manager

An image of Pullman-Hanoi General Manager

Reasons to Choose a Complete Air Management System

Better sleep quality

It maintains air quality by adjusting temperature, humidity, CO2, and PM2.5 levels. It’s all about ensuring our clients get a good night’s sleep. 

An image of a woman sleeping peacefully

Handy IAQ Controller

The Air-Supply Fan and IAQ Remote Controller use sensors to adjust air quality, ensuring guests are greeted with fresh air at the right temperature and humidity.

An image of IAQ Remote Controller

Panasonic’s Complete Air Management System provides exceptionally clear air at a comfortable temperature and humidity level.

Please contact us if you have any air quality concerns at your facilities. We will respond promptly.

Our Mission.

At Panasonic, we aim to make a positive difference by enhancing indoor air quality and making fresh air, a privilege for everyone, accessible to all from civic housing and hotel franchises. Panasonic, let’s freshen every living experience, starting with improving the air quality we breathe.

Panasonic Staff :


Manager of AC Project Sales Engineering Department.

An image of Panasonic Staff

The Complete Air Management System is an integrated solution for Indoor Air Quality and comfort.

The Complete Air Management System ensures optimal indoor air quality by automatically controlling heating, cooling, and ventilation based on real-time monitoring. It delivers clear air at comfortable temperature and humidity levels, minimizing purification time and energy costs. It’s the future of air quality control.

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