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CU-4U34YBZ /content/dam/pim/vn/en/CU/CU-4U3/CU-4U34YBZ-SPP/ast-1988241.png CU-4U34YBZ /content/dam/pim/vn/en/CU/CU-4U3/CU-4U34YBZ-SPP/ast-1988241.png

CU-4U34YBZ (9.5kW)



Energy-Efficient Multi-Split System

Panasonic R32 Cooling Only Multi-Split Air Conditioning System is a high efficiency multi-split system. A single outdoor unit offers flexibility up to 11.5kW and connects up to 4 ports with independent operational control. Mix and match with a selection of 3 types of indoor units, including Wall-Mounted X-Deluxe Inverter MXPU Series equipped with nanoe™ X technology to inhibit pollutants round-the-clock, Wall-Mounted Standard Inverter MPU Series and Slim Ducted Inverter MU Series. The outdoor unit’s compact design and long piping, along with the increased cooling capacity of the indoor units provide greater installation flexibility to accommodate large spaces or high occupancy levels. Indoor units can be controlled with mobile devices when connected to the internet.
  • nanoe™ X
  • Panasonic Comfort Cloud App
  • Inverter
  • R32 Refrigerant
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Connection of Outdoor and Indoor Units

Outdoor Units

System Number

System 2

System 3

System 4






Outdoor Cooling Capacity Range

5.1kW (1.5kW - 6.1kW)

7.5 kW (2.8 kW - 9.5kW)

8.0kW (2.8kW - 10.2kW)

9.5kW (2.9kW - 11.5kW)

Indoor Units Combination Range

5.6kW ~ 8.5kW

5.6kW ~ 14.8kW

5.6kW ~ 16.2kW

5.6kW ~ 17.6kW

Maximum Connectable Indoor

2 units

3 units

4 units

4 units

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Indoor Units

Selectable Indoor Units


Wall-Mounted X-Deluxe
Inverter R32

Wall-Mounted Standard
Inverter R32

Slim Ducted Inverter R32

Air Purification

nanoe™ X, nanoe-G

Air Connectivity
(Comfort Cloud App)

Built-in Wi-Fi


Quiet Mode, POWERFUL Mode,

Quiet Mode, POWERFUL Mode,

Quiet Mode, POWERFUL Mode,
Air Towards Ceiling

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One System that Houses All

One System that Houses All

Panasonic R32 Cooling Only Multi-Split Air Conditioning System with the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant offers flexible multi-zone cooling solutions with just one outdoor unit. Connect up to 4 indoor units with independent indoor operational control and a vast selection of indoor types from a wide cooling capacity range.


Wide Cooling Capacity Range to Meet Different Space Requirements

Panasonic R32 Multi-Split Air Conditioning System offers a wide range of outdoor cooling capacity up to 11.5kW. This enables flexible indoor unit combinations according to different applications and room sizes, from small to large rooms.
Wide Cooling Capacity Range to Meet Different Space Requirements

24-hour nanoe™ X Air Protection

Panasonic nanoe™ X technology offers the benefits of hydroxyl radicals contained in water which can inhibit bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants as well as deodorise odours. The X-Deluxe Inverter R32 high cooling capacity range enables purification of large spaces.
*nanoe™ X feature is available for indoor unit Wall-Mounted X-Deluxe Inverter Series only.
24-hour nanoe™ X Air Protection

Energy-saving and Eco-friendly Technologies

Energy-saving and Eco-friendly Technologies

Panasonic air conditioners have excellent energy efficiency with the use of environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant and energy-saving Inverter technology. R32 refrigerant is an excellent heat transfer medium with a higher cooling capacity. Its low global warming potential helps to lower carbon footprint and reduce energy costs. Panasonic's Inverter technology uses a micro-computer with gentle yet powerful compressor to precisely control temperature, providing a balanced comfort level while consuming less energy. A smarter, greener choice with energy-saving technologies for sustainable living.


Multi-Zone Control with Comfort Cloud App Anywhere, Anytime

Multi-Zone Control with Comfort Cloud App Anywhere, Anytime

Conveniently control multiple air conditioning units via mobile devices when connected to the internet with Panasonic Comfort Cloud App.


High Durability, Made to Last Under Harsh Weather Conditions

Panasonic’s outdoor unit provides high durability for an extended period of time under a wide range of conditions to achieve excellent performance.
High Durability, Made to Last Under Harsh Weather Conditions



Photo of CU-4U34YBZ
  • nanoe™ Xnanoe™ X
  • Panasonic Comfort Cloud AppPanasonic Comfort Cloud App
  • InverterInverter
  • R32 RefrigerantR32 Refrigerant
  • Blue Fin CondenserBlue Fin Condenser
  • Copper Tube CondenserCopper Tube Condenser

Wide cooling capacity range of up to 11.5kW

Energy savings with Inverter

Environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant

Quiet mode reduces the noise level of the indoor unit for a quiet, peaceful environment

Durable under harsh conditions

Compact design that fits perfectly anywhere

Cooling Capacity (min-max) (kW) 9.50 (2.90-11.50) kW
Cooling Capacity (min-max) (Btu/h) 32,400 (9,890-39,200) Btu/h
Power Source Single Phase, 220V - 240V, 50Hz
Maximum Indoor Connectable Capacity (kW) 17.6 kW
Maximum Connectable Indoor 4 units
Running Current (A) 11.3-10.4 A
Power Input (min-max) (W) 2,430 (560-3,100) W
EER (min-max) (Btu/hW) 13.33 (17.66-12.65) Btu/hW
EER (min-max) (W/W) 3.91 (5.18-3.71) W/W
Sound Pressure Level (H/L) 54/49 dB(A)
Maximum Current (A) 16.6 A
Starting Current (A) 11.3 A
Compressor Output (W) 1,500 W
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) 795 mm x 875 (+95) mm x 320 mm
Net Weight 58 kg
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter (Liquid Side) ø 6.35 mm x4
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter (Gas Side) ø 9.52 mm x3, ø 12.70 mm x1
Pipe Extension (Maximum Pipe Length) (1 room) 30 m
Pipe Extension (Maximum Pipe Length) (Total) 70 m
Pipe Extension (Maximum Elevation Length) 15 m
Pipe Extension (Additional Refrigerant Gas) Chargeless