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Bathroom Dryer Entry Series


Bathroom Dryer Entry Series

Space Saving, Clean, and Comfortable Bathroom Dryer

Multi-purpose, dryer with a compact and refined design. Easy installation and maintenance, creating a comfortable bathroom environment.
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Bathroom Dryer Entry Series


Enjoy a Warm and Comfortable Bath

Your bathroom can be warm even in a cold winter

Before taking bath, turns on “Heat” function to warm up the bathroom instantly. After switching on the heating function for few minutes, you, as well as the elderly and children of your family, can experience a real warm bath even in winter with the “Heat” function.
Your bathroom can be warm even in a cold winter

Warm up your room to average 25°C in 8 mins

Test conditions: Area of bathroom (L x W x H): 1.6m x 1.6m x 2.3m, starting temperature: 5°C, Time: 30 minutes, actual heating performance with four different distance above the ground.
*model FV-30BY1 as example
Warm up your room to average 25°C in 8 mins

Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Dry

Let your bathroom be fresh and clean all-day. Thermo Ventilation can exhaust uncomfortable air and odour out of the bathroom. Restrict the growth of mold, mildew and mite by removing moisture from bathroom during bath.
Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Dry



Photo of FV-27BV1

Multi level safety protection like PTC heater, flame-retardant material

Adjustable air direction

Compact type

Water resistance: IPX2

Motor insulation class: E

Air Volume (CMH) 150
Power Consumption (W) Ventilating 21
Heating 23℃ 1330
40℃ 1250
Rated Current (A) 6
Noise Level (dB[A]) Ventilating 42
Heating 46
Weight (kg) 3.6
Filter Dust Filter
Note Note1: Specification values are measured under 220V 50Hz
Note2: Power consumption and rated current are obtained in the factory default state and the test ambient temperature is 40˚C
Note3: Air volume, electric characteristic and noise are specified at the static pressure of 0 Pa
Note4: The values of noise level is a weighted average sound pressure level, the mean value are measured by our company, within +3 to -7 dB tolerance
Note5: The values of noise level are measured at 1 m apart from the side of fan body
Note6: The values of air volume are the mid-points of results measured by our company, within ±10% tolerance


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