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Air Purifier ziaino® F-JPU70A



"Wash the Air" with ziaino® Purification Technology

Hypochlorous acid purifies the air and quickly deodorises, maintaining a clean environment. Reaches spaces as large as 93m², suitable for large offices and clinics.
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Comfortable, Clean Air Environments

In contrast to typical air purifiers, ziaino® uses hypochlorous acid (HOCI) to actively clean the air in your room and quickly eliminate odours.

Comfortable, Clean Air Environments

Keep Large Areas Clean with Just One Unit

The ziaino® F-JPU70A is effective in rooms of up to 93 m² (1,000 ft²), meaning it will keep every inch of your space clean even when placed in large rooms such as workplaces and doctor’s clinics.
Keep Large Areas Clean with Just One Unit

Continuous Disinfection

The ziaino® comes with a 7-litre water tank, allowing the unit to operate continuously for approximately 14 hours on medium speed. This minimises the time and resources needed for periodical manual disinfection.
Continuous Disinfection

Adjustable Electrolysis Intensity

The ziaino® features the 3-level selection for the electrolysis intensity. The output amount of hypochlorous acid can be adjusted to improve the inhibition of pollutants and deodorisation effect in the room. Coupling with the 3-speed selection, the unit can clean the air efficiently in different environment.

Adjustable Electrolysis Intensity
*1 Under condition of room temperature 20 °C, R.H. 30%. Time for water replenishment may differ subject to room condition, water consumption would be comparatively slow in humid or cold environment.



Photo of F-JPU70A

3 level of electrolysis intensity

3-speed selection

Clear status indicator at front display

Safety lock / indicator

Salt input confirm button (To avoid negligence)

Applicable Area (m² [ft²]) - [1000]
Dimensions (mm) H 730 x W 510 x D 307
Weight (kg) 17
Air Volume (m³/min) High 7
Medium 4
Low 2
Power Consumption (W) High 72
Medium 31
Low 20
Noise (dB[A]) High 49
Medium 37
Low 20


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