The safety of ziaino™ technology


ziaino™ only uses naturally derived and salt and water to produce hypochlorous acid. The concentration is safe to use in manned spaces, emphasizing a balance between effectiveness and safety. 


point 1

Aqua ziaino™ controls the concentration

point 2

It is a vaporization method

point 3

The concentration of vaporized Aqua ziaino™ is less than 1/25 of regulation levels

Why ziaino™ is safe

Reason 1 :
The concentration is controlled by the electrolysis of salt and water.

How Aqua ziaino™ is created

ziaino™ produces Aqua ziaino™ containing
hypochlorous acid through the electrolysis of
salt and water.

About the concentration and pH of Aqua ziaino™

The Aqua ziaino™ created by Panasonic’s ziaino™ is slightly alkaline with a pH of 8.5. The balance between effectiveness and safety is emphasized, making it safe to use in manned spaces.

*In Japan

How sodium hypochlorite is produced

This is how a diluted sodium hypochlorite solution (strong alkaline) like household bleach is created. Industrial mass production technology causes chlorine gas to be dissolved to produce hypochlorite ions (OCl-)

*In Japan

Reason 2 :
ziaino™ is not a spray, but a vapor

Spraying spaces involves spraying hypochlorous acid water over a large area and usually involves the use of a high concentration of hypochlorous acid in unmanned spaces. On the other hand, ziaino™ uses filters to vaporize and deliver hypochlorite (HOCl), which makes it different from simply spraying the space.

Spraying spaces
Spraying Aqua ziaino™ over a large area.

Ventilation vaporization 
Vaporizing the solution and delivering it using a filter

Reason 3 :
The concentration of vaporized ziaino™ is less than 1/25 of regulation level

The concentration of vaporized Aqua ziaino™ volatilized from ziaino™ is lower than the environmental standard (0.5ppm*) for chlorine gas in the air and is suitable for use in manned spaces. 

*Non-toxic amount (NOALE) from the EU risk assessment

ziaino™ gas concentration at outlet 

ziaino™ gas concentration in air *1

Non-toxic evaluation *2 (NOAEL) chlorine gas upper limit

Less than 0.1ppm

Less than 0.02ppm


*1  The non-toxic evaluation (NOAEL) is a pharmaceutical term that refers to the highest value of exposure at which no harmful effects are observed in repeated dose toxicity tests using multiple dose groups. (0.5 ppm is the environmental standard for chlorine gas, but since one molecule of chlorine gas, the chlorine gas concentration can be replaced with hypochlorous acid concentration.)

*2 Except for use in special environments such as enclosed spaces that are fractionally smaller than the appropriate floor area. 

Why does it have a peculiar smell

(like that of a swimming pool)?

It’s proof that the hypochlorous acid is at work.
The reaction of hypochlorous acid with organic matter in the pool produces chloramines (the substance that creates the pool-like smell). 
The pool-like smell is also a sign that the hypochlorous acid is working.

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