ziaino™ usage instruction

How to use

1. Electrolytic strength adjustment function

Choose from 3 levels and adjust the pollutant inhabitation and deodourisation effects.

2. Air volume adjustment function

Choose from 3 levels of air volume to shorten the time of deodourising.

Daily water supply and drainage is easy.

1. Fill the supply tank with water

■Be sure to use drinkable tap water
Do not use the following: 

・Hot water over 40℃ or water with detergent
・Water containing chemicals, air fresheners, aromatic oils, etc.
・Water from water purifiers, alkaline ionized water, or mineral water
・Well water

2. Drain the water from the drain tank

■Drain the water while running tap water.

3. Put one salt tablet into the tray slot and press the  confirm button

4. Set the power button to “On”

Caution: 1. If the tap water does not meet standards, the desired effects may not be achieved.
2. The performance or quality of the product is not guaranteed if more than the specified amount of salt tablets are added.

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