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Stand fan F-407WGO

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Attractive twin lamps,
ample, quality air

The stand type electric fan can deliver a powerful and wide range of air. No matter you are sitting on the sofa or a chair, the height of the fan can be adjusted per your preference.
The twin lamps serve not only as attractive design elements, but also as night lights.
Stand type electric fan F-407WGO with attractive twin lamps and ample, quality air
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Stand Type

Stand type electric fan with large, 40cm blades.
Adjustable height between 134 - 157cm, allowing air to reach you no matter you're sitting on the sofa or a chair.
Stand Type

3 Fan Speed

Select from 3 speeds - low, medium or high, depending on your preference.
Easily adjust the speed by the switches on the fan.
3 Fan Speed

Aluminium Blade

The large, 40cm blades are made with aluminum in attractive design.
The durable, long-lasting blades generate ample amount of air, reaching all corners in the room.
Aluminium Blade

W Fuse

Panasonic's electric fans are equipped with "W Fuse" in all models.
In case of any operation abnormality, the Thermal fuse and Current fuse will stop the fan from keep on operating.
Double reliability, providing peace of mind.
Reliability W Fuse


Photo of Stand fan F-407WGO

3-speed and off push-button switch

Attractive twin lamps

Height adjustable: 134cm - 157cm (52"3/4 - 61"3/4 )

Metal blade

Color: Gold


  • Model No.

    • F-407W
  • Width

    • 40cm (16")
  • Height

    • 134cm - 157cm (52"3/4 - 61"3/4 )
  • Weight (kg)

    • 9.5 kg
  • Air Delivery m³/min

    • 63
  • Air Velocity (m/min)

    • 226
  • Consumption (W)

    • 48.2 - 58.8
  • R.P.M

    • 1,058 - 1,293
    • Note, All values in specification table are at 220V

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