Beauty in the Dark

The night sky in Japan is a beauty, ever-changing together with the four seasons. It offers you a variety of colors to observe.


The capital of Japan, Tokyo, is a statement of Japan’s technology. The red lights beaming through the deep black of the night is the Tokyo Tower, standing tall as one of Japan’s symbols for more than half a century.


Be mesmerized with the beautiful starry night of Achi Village in Nagano Prefecture. Regarded as “the best place for observing stars in Japan,” by the Ministry of the Environment in 2006, many tourists come to see the wonder of its night skies. Even during winter, you have a chance to see the clear, bright starry sky when the weather is good. The crisp and cold air of winter makes stars in the sky twinkle brighter.


During autumn, enjoy the beauty of Kyoto’s night sky even more with the illumination of lights at Kiyomizu temple and the colorful autumn leaves. The blue light in the sky seen in the picture is said to be the heart of the deity of compassion. Appreciate the beauty of traditional Japan in the autumn nights of Kyoto.

Mount Fuji

With a breathtaking view from wherever you look at it, Mount Fuji has been recognized as a world cultural heritage site in 2013 for being a sacred place and a source of artistic inspiration. The number of people climbing to the top of the highest point in Japan, 3,776 m above sea level, never ceases. From below, be in awe of its beauty different in every season and weather. From the top, be fascinated with the mystical view of the glimmering lights from surrounding cities and the twinkling stars in the night skies.

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Panasonic OLED TV Concept Video