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Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer: EH-NA45RP645

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Double ions for beautiful hair and healthier scalp



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Double ions for moisturized hair

Double ions for moisturized hair

nanoe penetrate hair cuticle, delivering water to maintain the moisture balance inside hair, while platinum ions coat the hair surface and tighten the cuticle. Together, the double ions work to boost the hair’s moisture content. They keep hair healthy and beautiful.

1. nanoe™
Deliver moisture deep into the hair shaft.

2. nanoe™ & Platinum Ions*
Coat the hair surface to keep hair moisten.
* Platinum ions are ions emitted by the platinum electrode.

For UV-resilient, healthy hair

For UV-resilient, healthy hair

Strong UV (ultraviolet) rays can help to strip away hair cuticles and cause hair damage. Platinum ions penetrate to hair tips, preventing damage from UV rays.

Image : Hair condition after exposure to ultraviolet rays for 6 months.

1. Without Platinum ions*1
*1 Peeling of hair cuticles is clearly seen when platinum ions are not used.

2. With Platinum ions*2
*2 Peeling of hair cuticles does not occur when platinum ions are used.

For a healthy, hygienic scalp

For a healthy, hygienic scalp

Moisture-rich nanoe moisturize your scalp, preventing it from becoming dry and stressed. They also make it easier for excess oil on the scalp to mix with surrounding water to keep your scalp healthy.

1. Without nanoe
Enlarged photo of scalp

2. With nanoe (After 2weeks of use)
Well moisturized scalp*

* Model test method
The dryer was used until hair was dry in the same way as when drying hair daily after washing. Examples of scalp conditions when not using nanoe from a hair dryer and after using nanoe for 2 weeks. (In-house investigation)

External ion outlet

External ion outlet

nanoe and negative ions lose some of their moisture in the hot air from a hair dryer. To prolong their hydrating effect, Panasonic separates the outlet for negative ions and nanoe particles from the outlet for hot air. This external outlet is a technology unique to Panasonic.

Quick-dry Nozzle for healthy drying

Quick-dry Nozzle emits alternating strong and weak airflows which separate hair strands to dry hair efficiently and rapidly. This unique blower mechanism dries hair from the roots to keep hair and scalp healthy and beautiful.

Healthy mode

50°C healthy mode for quick drying to prevent hair damage from excessive heat.

6 blow volume and temperature variations

You can select the speed and temperature to match the condition of your hair or your styling needs.


Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer: EH-NA45RP645
Double ions for moisturized hair
nanoe™ & Platinum Ions
Quick-dry Nozzle
For healthy drying
Healthy mode

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