LUMIX GH5 - Go Higher - Innovation & Technology

The LUMIX GH5, Installed with a Variety of Technologies Cultivated by Panasonic over 100 Years.

The World’s First High Quality 4K 60P/50P Video Recording Capability with a Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera

Total Solution for High Resolution 4K Video – from shooting to viewing

This was achieved by in-house development of video coding (H.264/H.265) through the development of TVs, AV devices, etc., and by high speed signal processing engine technology for image processing.

As an integrated manufacturer of AV equipment, Panasonic offers advanced total solution for high resolution 4K video based on the study of cameras, camcorders and a variety of other devices including TVs and Blu-ray Disc players.

Realization of Unlimited 4K Video Recording

Compact, Lightweight Body

Unlimited 4K Video Recording* has been achieved for the first time in the world on a single lens camera thanks to comprehensive energy-saving technologies (heat dispersing parts, structural design and heat simulation) cultivated through the development of camcorders and equipment for professional use.
*The actual recording time depends on the power source and the capacity of SD Memory Card.

Panasonic develops and manufactures Digital Single Lens Mirrorless cameras and interchangeable lenses complying with Micro Four Thirds standard. Although this camera system is compact and lightweight, it never compromises in the performance represented by its high picture quality. It is made possible by technologies such as high-density mounting, manufacturing of aspherical lenses and those developed with Leica.

Equipped with a "Silent Mode" that Does not Distract the Subject

Rugged Design

The camera is equipped with Silent Mode that turns off the electronic shutter sound, AF assist lamp, and any beeps the camera makes. Literally, the “Mirrorless” camera has no mirror box to enable completely silent shooting.

The rugged design of this camera is not only dust-proof and rain-proof, but also freeze-proof with the operating temperatures from -10℃ to 40℃. Design technologies for such as complete airtightness enabled heavy, field use even under harsh conditions.

High-speed, High-precision Auto Focus

Image Stabilization System

The camera integrates Panasonic’s unique AF function that uses so-called DFD(Depth From Defocus) Technology. Calculating the special distance to the subject instantly, it quickly sets precise focus and keeps it even on the moving subject.

Panasonic offers O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) using Panasonic’s unique gyro-sensor on the interchangeable lenses and also in-body image stabilizer B.I.S(Body Image Stabilzier) on the camera. This B.I.S. compensates for the blur even when using the interchangeable lens with out O.I.S., to take best advantage of the lens. Combining O.I.S. and B.I.S. with accurate control, blur-free shooting from wide-angle to telephoto is achieved.