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Health & Beauty

Here’s your beauty care solution!

Image of Hair Car

Hair Care

Indulge in styling, without worrying about damaging your hair. Choose your favorite tool to give your hair more radiance.


Compact design/ 4 attachments/ 2 mode selections/ Origin: Thailand

Recommended price: 699,000 VND
*Inclusive of VAT
*Inclusive of VAT Recommended price: 699000.0 /vn/en/consumer/where-to-buy.html?L1=0500&L2=0502 false false EH-KA42-V645EH-KA42-V645 false
Image of Facial Care

Facial Care

Treat your facial skin at home with our nanoe products. Daily care makes your skin smoother and cleaner, and it's relaxing.


Moisture penetrates deeply/ simple 6-minute spa/ compact, stylish design

Recommended price: 3,899,000 VND
*Inclusive of VAT
*Inclusive of VAT Recommended price: 3899000.0 /vn/en/consumer/where-to-buy.html?L1=0500&L2=0505 false false EH-SA31VP442EH-SA31VP442 false
Image of Body Care

Body Care

Refine your look with sexy, perfectly smooth skin. Our products remove unwanted hair for beautiful, silky smooth legs.