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Big, impressive eyes with curled eyelashes

Big, impressive eyes with curled eyelashes

・Tutorial for making Impressive eyes
・Panasonic eyelash curler (EH-SE60)

See how to make upward curling eyelashes with a Panasonic eyelash curler for impressive eyes (EH-SE60).

Using heat and rotation, this eyelash curler lets you gently curl eyelashes without pulling them.

The comb is spiral-shaped so it catches lashes even on single-edged eyelids, enabling curling of even short downward-pointing eyelashes.

The key to getting a beautiful finish is to remove mascara clumps by reversing the rotation.

Curling after attaching false eyelashes lets you achieve a natural blend with your own lashes.

To finish, apply a dark-colored eye shadow to bring out your eyes for a more impressive appearance.