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Photo of EzyClean Bidet DL-AF15RW

EzyClean Bidet DL-AF15RW

Nozzle Retractable & Self Cleaning Nozzle 2
Spray selection Family 1 Hole (Straight Flow)
Feminite 5 Holes (Soft Spray)
Self-Cleaning Yes
Removable Nozzle Tip Yes
Retractable Yes
Water Volume Controller Water Control Mechanical
Water Flow Rate Up to 2.0ℓ/ Minute
Operational Water Pressure 30 - 735 kPa
Features & Accessories lid Cover Detachable Yes
Split Close Yes
Toilet Seat Detachable Yes
Split Close Yes
Accommodate Toilet Bowl Size Yes (330 ~ 360) mm
Ag+ Crystal Anti-Bacterial Nozzle Tips, Toilet Seat, Controlling Knob
Water Filter Unit Yes
Water Junction Connector Yes
Flexible Hose Length 1,200 mm