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• Stainless Steel Round Ride Soleplate for Crease Free Ironing
• Calc Cut
• Jet of Steam
• Vertical Steam Burst
• Detachable Water Tank
• Automatic Valve System
• Automatic Power Shut-Off System
• Electronic Temperature Control
• Cordless Convenience



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Stainless Steel Round Ride Soleplate for Crease Free Ironing

Calc Cut

Calc cut inside the water tank to prevent steam vents from clogging, keeping steam jets nice and clean.

Jet of Steam

Provides extra steam which goes deep into the garment for removing stubborn wrinkles on clothes.

Vertical Steam Burst

The iron produces a powerful vertical steam burst that works effectively anywhere. And the powerful vertical function, which also take bad odours out of the garments, is only one of the iron’s many convenient functions.

Detachable Water Tank

The cassette saves you from having to carry the iron to the tap every time you want to fill it with water. Take only the handy removable cassette instead.

Automatic Valve System

Because of difference of temperature and other changes, steam may cool down and leak from the bottom of the iron as water droplets, which cause unslightly water spots on clothing. Panasonic Leakproof Mechanism does away with this annoyance and automatically prevents water leakage.

Automatic Power Shut-Off System

Electronic Temperature Control

3-way Auto Shut-Off:
The mercury-free electronic sensor automatically shuts the iron off after 60 seconds if left unmoved in the ironing position or sideways, or after 10 minutes if left in the upright position.

Cordless Convenience

Panasonic was the first brand developing and introducing cordless iron model to the Japan marlet


Auto-shut off
Curved Stainless Steel Soleplate

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