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NR-YW590YMMV | Premium 4-door Refrigerator

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Fresh and Hygienic Food Storage
For Healthy Eating

The PRIME+ Edition brings you a high level of premium quality design that stores food in ideal conditions. The unique freezing technology seals in freshness and nutrients to preserve food quality, making healthy meal preparation easier for you.
  • Prime Freeze
  • Prime Fresh
  • nanoe™ X
  • Fresh Safe
Premium 4-door Refrigerator for Rapid Freezing<br>Seals In Freshness & Flavours
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Rapid Freezing
Seals In Freshness & Flavours

The speed at which ingredients are frozen changes how they taste. Prime Freeze freezes food at approx.
5 times* faster to suppress the damage of cells. This helps to minimise dripping after defrosting, keeping food at its most delicious state.


*Data prepared by Panasonic.

More Ways To Enjoy
Convenient Meal Preps

The Prime Freeze modes provide you with multiple methods to prepare meals, enriching your lifestyle with endless ways to make healthy meal preparation easier.

More Ways To Enjoy Convenient Meal Preps

7 Days* Freshness for Fish & Meat

7 Days* Freshness for Fish & Meat

Prime Fresh keeps fish and meat softly frozen at approx. -3°C to preserve nutrients and flavours. No thawing is required so you can conveniently enjoy healthy meals up to 7 days*.


*Data prepared by Panasonic.

Easy & Healthy
Home-cooked Meals Anytime

Plan ahead and store ingredients in Prime Fresh to enjoy hassle-free and healthy eating on busy days. Effortlessly make a nutritious meal in a short time without having to defrost.
Easy & Healthy Home-cooked Meals Anytime

Stores Fruits & Vegetables Fresher Longer

Stores Fruits & Vegetables Fresher Longer
The Fresh Safe with Moisture Control Filter provides optimum humidity control inside the case, making it an ideal environment to store fruits and vegetable fresher longer.


Safe & Hygienic Food Storage

nanoe™ X Technology releases nano-sized water particles that circulate throughout the refrigerator.
The air purification technology ensures the air and surfaces remain safe and hygienic at all times.
*Data prepared by Panasonic.

Protects Against Bacteria,
Odour and Pesticides

nanoe™ X has proven results to inhibit 99.99%* bacteria, deodorise and neutralise pesticides. Harmful pesticide residue can now be washed away with a simple rinse so you can enjoy your wholesome ingredients, worry-free.
*Data prepared by Panasonic.
Protects Against Bacteria, Odour and Pesticides

Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

The PRIME+ Edition brings the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic for spatial harmony.
Inspiring wellness in the space we live.

Scan QR code or click here to visualise the PRIME+ Edition in your kitchen.


User-Friendly & Energy Saving

1. Automatically saves energy with Intelligent Sensors
2. Dispense cold water on demand
3. Adjustable shelves for more flexibility
4. Top compressor design allows more freezer space
5. Auto ice maker
User-Friendly & Energy Saving


Photo of NR-YW590YMMV | Premium 4-door Refrigerator

Size and Weight


*Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

  • Prime FreezePrime Freeze
  • Prime FreezePrime Freeze
  • Prime FreezePrime Freeze
  • Prime FreshPrime Fresh
  • Prime FreshPrime Fresh
  • Prime FreshPrime Fresh
  • nanoe™ Xnanoe™ X
  • nanoe™ Xnanoe™ X
  • nanoe™ Xnanoe™ X
  • Ag CleanAg Clean
  • Ag CleanAg Clean
  • Fresh SafeFresh Safe

Capacity : Net 540L (TCVN 7828:2016)
Door Material : Glass

Rapidly seals in freshness & nutrients - Prime Freeze

7 days* freshness for fish & meat - Prime Fresh

Keeps vegetables fresher at ideal humidity - Fresh Safe

Inhibits bacteria, deodorises & reduces pesticides - nanoe™ X

User-friendly & energy saving


  • Rated Capacity (TCVN 7828:2016)

    • Total
      • 540 L
    • Refrigerator Compartment (PC)
      • 293 L
    • Freezer Compartment (FC)
      • 186 L (including Prime Fresh 61L)
    • Vegetable compartment (VC)
      • -
  • Product Dimensions (WxDxH)

    • 750 x 750 x 1890 mm
  • Defrost Type

    • Electric PCB Control
  • Standard / Regulation

    • QCVN 9:2012/BKHCN
      TCVN 7828:2016, TCVN 7829:2016
  • Energy Consumption

    • 463 kWh/year
  • Energy Level

    • 5 Stars
  • Net Weight

    • 100 kg
  • Gross Weight

    • 108 kg
  • Voltage

    • 220 V
  • Hertz

    • 50 Hz
  • Number of Doors

    • 4
  • Door Color

    • Dark Mirror
  • Door Material

    • Glass
  • Control Panel

    • Yes (Outside of fridge door)


  • Vegetable Storage

    • Vegetable Case (Fresh Safe)
  • Humidity Control

    • Yes
  • Adjustable Tray

    • Yes
  • Adjustable Door Shelf

    • Yes
  • Water Dispenser

    • Yes (Non-plumbed)
  • Water Tank for Water Dispenser

    • Yes (3L, BPA Free, Ag Filter)
  • Water Tank for Automatic Ice Maker

    • Yes (5L, BPA Free, Ag Filter)
  • LED Light

    • Yes
  • Egg Tray

    • Yes
  • 1-2 tray

    • Yes
  • Prime Fresh

    • Yes (Independent case)
  • Prime Fresh Aluminium Tray

    • Yes
  • Prime Fresh Temperature Adjustable

    • Yes
  • Prime Fresh Temperature Range

    • -5ºC to 4ºC
  • nanoe™X

    • Yes
  • Ag Clean

    • Yes
  • Blue Ag

    • -


  • Separate Storage

    • Yes (3 Cases)
  • Prime Freeze

    • Yes
  • Prime Freeze Aluminium Tray

    • Yes
  • Ice Box

    • Yes
  • Automatic Ice Maker

    • Yes
  • Twist Ice Tray

    • -
  • LED Light

    • Yes
  • Quick Freezing

    • Yes
  • Quick Ice Making

    • Yes
  • Stop Ice

    • Yes
  • Auto Clean (Ice)

    • Yes
  • Power Control

    • Yes


  • Energy Saving

    • Yes

    • Yes
  • Compressor

    • Inverter
  • Refrigerant

    • R600a
  • Urethane Insulation Cyclopentane

    • Yes
  • Door Alarm

    • Yes

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