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Ultimate Safety

Ultimate Safety

With Reliable Protection Features

Equipped with advanced safety features that offer excellent heat insulation and a high degree of protection against water splashes and other accidental contact.

IPX4 Waterproof Case

IPX4 Waterproof Case

Multi-directional water resistance.

Built-In Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB)

Built-In Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB)

Prevents electric shock.

Non-Combustible Material

Non-Combustible Material

Protection against fire and burns.

Advanced Safety Features for Peace of Mind

Safe From Water Splashes
IPX4: Full Water Protection

IPX4: Full Water Protection

• Protected from water splashes from multiple directions.
• Resistant to sprayed water of 10 l/min.

What is IPX Rating?

A waterproof capability rating standard - The higher the level, the better protection against ingress of water.

Safe From Electric Shock
Built-In Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB)

Built-In Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB)

• Space-saving and no additional installation required.
• Available within and cannot be easily removed.

What is Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB)?

A safety device that detects current leakages. Periodic checks can be performed with ELB test.

Safe From Fire
Low Risk of Combustion

Low Risk of Combustion

• Insulated styrofoam of non-combustible material grade (V0).
• External case (front cover) made of steel.

What is Non-Combustible Material Grade (V0)?

A flammability test - The highest rating V0 is obtained when there is no burning droplets dripping from the sample.

Safety Points

Water Splash Proof Case Cover (IPX4)

Water Splash Proof
Case Cover (IPX4)

Built-in Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB)

Built-in Earth
Leakage Breaker

Non Flammable Material Compliance

Non Flammable
Material Compliance

Insulated Structure


Auto Thermal Cut-Off

Auto Thermal

Manual Reset Thermostat

Manual Reset