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Photo of Premium Series Vacuum Cleaner MC-CJ911RN49

Premium Series Vacuum Cleaner MC-CJ911RN49

Type Bagged
Max. Input Power (W) 1900W
Dust Bag Capacity (L) 6.0L
Washable Cloth Dust Bag
Power Control Variable
Soft Bumper
Soft Roller
Extension Wand Metal x 2
Handle New Saber Handle
Floor Nozzle Deluxe & Durable 2-step Nozzle
Colour Red
Filter Anti-Bacteria
Blower Operation
Quiet-running Body Structure (JIS Standard) 63 dB
Accessories 2 (Crevice/Dusting)
Stand-by Storage
Park-Position Stand
Hose Durable Hose
Country of Origin Made in Japan
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