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10kg NA-F10S10BRV Top Load Washing Machine for Extra Clean Result

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Superior Washing with Fine Foam and Dynamic Water Flow

Lifts stains away easily with fine foam and dynamic water flow.
  • ActiveFoam System
  • Super Clean
Panasonic Top Load Washing Machine for Extra Clean Result
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Fine Foam to Lift Stains Easily

The ActiveFoam System creates fine, dense foam that penetrates deep into fabric to thoroughly remove dirt and ensure cleaner results.
Fine Foam to Lift Stains Easily

Scrub Wash with Dynamic Water Flow

Effective cleansing power created through a unique water flow rotation system that combines strong and weak agitation. This dynamic water flow produces an efficient scrub wash that removes stains more effectively.
Scrub Wash with Dynamic Water Flow

15%* Cleaner Wash with Super Clean

Strong agitating and enhanced soaking processes remove stubborn stains. Resulting in 15%* better washing performance compared to Normal Course.
*Test condition: Product No: NA-F90VS9 (9kg), Program: Normal course and Super clean course, Water level/actual: High-69L, Loading: 80% capacity (7.2kg), dummy cloth type II (20 pcs), Detergent type: Ariel detergent
15%* Cleaner Wash with Super Clean

Keep Tub Clean with Ag Ions

The Ag ions offer anti-bacterial*¹ and anti-mould performance*² for the pulsator and lint filter, which tend to leave detergent residue.
*Please refer to the notes in the See All Specs section for the disclaimer.
Keep Tub Clean with Ag Ions

Convenient Features

Soft Closing Lid

The lid slowly and quietly closes on its own.*
*Even though this design has a soft closing feature, if the lid is opened partway and then let go, it may accidentally hurt your fingers.
Soft Closing Lid

Tempered Glass Lid

The sleek frameless lid employs strong, durable glass capable of bearing up to a 60kg load.
Tempered Glass Lid


Photo of 10kg NA-F10S10BRV Top Load Washing Machine for Extra Clean Result

Size and Weight


*Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

  • ActiveFoam SystemActiveFoam System
  • Super CleanSuper Clean

Capacity: 10kg

ActiveFoam creates fine foam to easily lift stains away

Dynamic water flows simulate a scrub wash for effective stain removal

Super Clean Programme improves washing performance

Ag Pulsator and big Ag Lint Filter prevent growth of bacteria & mould

Soft-closing tempered glass lid enhances comfort and long-term use


  • 10 kg


  • Dimensions (W x D x H)

    • 554 x 582 x 952 mm (without Hose)
  • Weight (Net)

    • 34 kg
  • Voltage / Frequency

    • 220-240V / 50Hz
  • Control Panel Type

    • Indirect (Direct Button for Super Clean Programme)
  • LED Colour

    • Red
  • Digital Display

    • Yes
  • Lid Type

    • Tempered Glass (with Print)
  • Colour (Body)

    • Black Silver


  • ActiveFoam System

    • Yes
  • StainMaster

    • -
  • Hot Wash (40℃, 60℃)

    • -
  • Pulsator

    • 6-Wing (Ag Plastic)
  • Water Bazooka

    • -
  • Dancing Water Flow

    • Yes
  • Aqua Spin Rinse

    • Yes (Water Save Course Only)
  • ECONAVI (Cloth Load & Water Temp.)

    • -
  • Inverter

    • -
  • Water Level Settings

    • 6 Levels


  • Easy Wide Opening

    • -
  • Soft Closing

    • Yes
  • Tempered Glass Lid

    • Yes
  • Child Lock (with LED)

    • Yes
  • Low Water Pressure

    • Yes
  • Auto Restart

    • Yes
  • Auto Power Off

    • Yes
  • Auto Tub Clean

    • -
  • Remaining Time Indication

    • Yes

    • Yes
  • Big Cassette Lint Filter

    • Yes (Ag Lint Filter)


  • Number of Programmes

    • 11
  • Normal

    • Yes
  • Speedy

    • Yes
  • Delicate

    • Yes
  • Baby Care

    • Yes
  • Fragrance

    • Yes
  • Water Save

    • Yes
  • Blanket

    • Yes
  • Tub Hygiene

    • Yes
  • Soak

    • Yes
  • Air Dry (90 min.)

    • Yes
  • Super Clean

    • Yes
  • Tangle Care

    • -


  • StainMaster+/StainMaster

    • -


  • *¹ (Antibacterial effect) Testing agency: Boken Quality Evaluation Organization; Date of certificate for test results: January 29, 2016; Certificate of analysis issue No.: 2021 5071490 -1; Test method: JIS Z 2801; Antimicrobial method: Resin containing antibacterial agent (Ag+); Target part: Pulsator; Test result: Antibacterial activity value ≥ 2.0
    *² (Anti-mould effect) Testing agency: KAKEN Test Center; Date of certificate for test results: February 5, 2016; Damage test results issue number: 0S -15 -064191 -2; Test method: JIS Z 2911; Mould resisting method: Resin containing anti-mould ingredient; Target part: Pulsator; Test results: No mould growth observed

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