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Panasonic Top Loading Automatic Washing Machine: NA-F135X1SRV

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Easy Wide Opening

1. Easy to load and remove
  - Less burden
  - Big item can be loaded easier

2. Easy to clean

Easy to Load and Remove

Much easier to remove laundry from the bottom of the tub.

Easy to See

Easy to See

Easy to See

Good visibility even at the bottom since inlet isn’t hidden by control panel.

Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean

Easy to wipe thanks to flat surface.

High-visibility Control Panel

Easy to see, large digital display with chrome ring. Direct course selection buttons with pictograms.

* Photo shows the F135X1 model for Malaysia.

Creating Ultrafine Foam for Superb Washing Performance

The ActiveFoam System turns detergent into fine foam that completely surrounds clothes.
The high-density foam attaches to dirt, penetrates it, and lifts it so that it can be washed away.

Excellent Washing Result

*Note: Based on internal testing. Washing result may vary depends on condition.

How the ActiveFoam System Works

Dual-Wave Pulsator

Separate inner and outer fins generate not only horizontal & vertical, but also “In to Out” flows.
As a result, clothes in every part of the tub are thoroughly washed.

Load Sensor

Detects laundry volume and sets optimum wash time and water level.
• Laundry volume is calculated based on load on motor.

Water Temperature Sensor

Detects water temperature and sets optimum washing time. (when temperature is high, detergent dissolves quickly, making possible a shorter washing time.)


Panasonic designed every part of this washing machine for outstanding ease of use.

* Photo shows the F135X1 model for Malaysia.


Panasonic Top Loading Automatic Washing Machine: NA-F135X1SRV
Capacity 13.5kg/ ECONAVI
Big capacity & energy saving with ECONAVI
Easy Wide Opening
Wide & shallow tub for easy to reach
ActiveFoam System
Separate and wash away tough dirt with foam power

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