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18kg Smart, Hygienic & Convenient Top Load Washing Machine NA-FD180W3BV

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Smarter Hygiene, Ideal Detergent Dose

Simplify your laundry routine with smart technologies that deliver optimal wash performance and optimised consumptions, including fabric care. Conveniently control your laundry even when you are away.
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  • AI Smart Wash
  • AutoDose
  • Panasonic SmartApp+
  • StainMaster+
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Effortless Laundry with Smart Technologies

Effortless Laundry with Smart Technologies
Enjoy hassle-free laundry days as the washing machine handles everything from detergent pouring to wash mode selection. It automatically optimises each wash cycle for outstanding results to simplify your laundry routine.

Smartly Optimises Wash & Consumptions

Smartly Optimises Wash & Consumptions

Simply load your laundry and let the AI Smart Wash take care of the rest. The intelligent ECONAVI sensing technology and AutoDose feature deliver an optimised and efficient wash.


ECONAVI Technology intelligently
Sense. Adjust & Optimise

ECONAVI Technology intelligently  Sense. Adjust & Optimise
The ECONAVI features intelligent sensors that sense laundry load and water temperature. It then automatically adjusts the water level, detergent level, and washing time according to your laundry needs, helping you to save on overall consumption.

Automatically Dispenses
Ideal Dose for Perfect Wash

The AutoDose feature ensures optimal fabric and environmental care by dispensing the ideal amount of liquid detergent and softener. This eliminates the need for manual measuring and prevents using too much or too little detergent.

Only One Fill to Last for 1 Month*²

Only One Fill to Last for 1 Month*²
AutoDose technology simplifies laundry by dispensing the right amount of detergent or softener for each load, eliminating guesswork and waste. Enjoy hassle-free washes for up to 1 month*².

Smart & Convenient Control with SmartApp+

Smart & Convenient Control with SmartApp+

Set personalised wash settings and receive notifications about your wash status even when you are away from home. Easily troubleshoot and maintain your washing machine with detailed instructions to keep them running efficiently.


Steams Away 99.99%*³ of Bacteria and
99%*³ of Allergen

StainMaster+ combines steam with 60ºC hot water to remove 99.99%*³ of bacteria and 99%*³ allergen effectively. Designed to maintain the hygiene of your family's laundry whilst using less energy, water, and time*⁴, promoting sustainable laundry.

Easy Cleaning, Powerful Wash

Lifts Stains Away with Fine Foam

The ActiveFoam System creates a fine and dense foam that penetrates deep into the fabric to easily lift dirt and mud stains for a cleaner wash.
Lifts Stains Away with Fine Foam

Powerful Wash for Easy Cleaning

Experience a cleaner wash with the Water Bazooka that blasts stains away easily. Powered by TD Inverter, it generates 6x more power for greater wash and rinse results while using less energy*⁵.
Powerful Wash for Easy Cleaning

Sleek & Stylish Design

Sleek & Stylish Design
Add a touch of style to your home with a sleek design and frameless flat glass lid featuring an easy-to-operate control panel. Experience the perfect addition to any living space, making laundry a stylish and enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check the detergent level through the window on the detergent case. Add more detergent/softener before it drops below the marked line.

Only liquid detergent and softener are allowed for the AutoDose function. Powder detergent can be used through the manual dose area.

The "Panasonic SmartApp+" allows you to customise the washing programme and AutoDose settings, remotely control the machine, receive notifications when the laundry is done, and access support information.

You can use the Tub Hygiene function to clean the tub once every month.

You can refer to and follow the steps in the operation manual. The Panasonic SmartApp+ also provides supportive information (NA-FD180W3BV only).


Photo of 18kg Smart, Hygienic & Convenient Top Load Washing Machine NA-FD180W3BV

Size and Weight


*Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

  • Smart WashSmart Wash
  • Precise DosagePrecise Dosage
  • IoTIoT
  • 99.99%* Bacteria Elimination99.99%* Bacteria Elimination
  • 99% Allergen Removal99% Allergen Removal
  • Mud RemovalMud Removal
  • Oily Sauce RemovalOily Sauce Removal
  • Collar/Sleeve Stain RemovalCollar/Sleeve Stain Removal
  • Powerful WashPowerful Wash
  • Easy Stain LiftingEasy Stain Lifting
  • Washing Made EasyWashing Made Easy
  • Tub CleaningTub Cleaning

Wash Capacity: 18kg

AI Smart Wash with ECONAVI intelligent sensing technology automatically optimises wash performance

AutoDose smartly dispenses ideal amount of liquid detergent and softener

Smart & Convenient Control with Panasonic SmartApp+

StainMaster+ steams away 99.99%*³ of bacteria and 99%*³ allergen

ActiveFoam lifts stains away with fine foam

Loading Capacity

  • Washing Capacity

    • 18kg

Basic Specifications

  • Dimension (W x D x H) mm

    • 640 x 733 x 1153
  • Net Weight (kg)

    • 50
  • Voltage

    • 220-240V
  • Frequency

    • 50Hz
  • Inverter

    • TD Inverter with BLDC motor
  • Water Supply Hose (connecting type)

    • Screw type
  • Colour (Body)

    • Dark Black WM-A010-SP (PCM)
  • Pulsator

    • Active Wave Pulsator (SUS)
  • Control Panel Type

    • Membrane sheet w/o UV printing
  • LED color

    • White


  • Safety regulations

    • TCVN
  • Energy Label regulations

    • Yes
  • Water efficiency regulations

Wash Features


    • Yes
  • Auto Dosing

    • Yes
  • IoT

    • Yes
  • Stain Master+ (Collar/Sleeve, Oil, Bacteria Elimination Odour/Aroma+, Mud, Soya/Sauce )

    • Yes (with Water Bazooka + Auto Tub Clean)
  • Active Foam System

    • Yes
  • Water Bazooka

    • Yes

Convenient Features

  • Soft closing with Damper

    • Yes
  • Tempered Glass Lid

    • Yes
  • Auto Power Off

    • Yes
  • Auto Re-start

    • Yes
  • Auto Tub Clean

    • Yes
  • Digital Indicator

    • Yes (2 digits Big size)
  • Preset

    • Yes
  • Remaining Time Indication

    • Yes
  • Child lock (With LED)

    • Yes
  • Button sound

    • Yes


  • Number of program

    • 10 (Direct Button)
  • Normal

    • Yes (with Water Bazooka + Auto tub clean)
  • Speedy (or Energy save)

    • Yes (with Auto tub clean)
  • Baby-Care

    • Yes
      (with Water Bazooka + Auto tub clean)
  • Delicate

    • Yes (with Auto tub clean)
  • Water Save

    • Yes (for WELS)
  • Blanket

    • Yes (with Water Bazooka + Auto Tub Clean)
  • Bedding

    • -
  • Tub Hygiene

    • Yes (with Water Bazooka + Auto Tub Clean)
  • Soak

    • Yes (with Water Bazooka + Auto Tub Clean)
  • Air Dry (90min.)

    • Yes
  • Tangle Care

    • Yes (with Auto tub clean)

Manual Settings

  • Process setting button

    • Yes
  • Soaking time

    • -
  • Washing Time

    • Yes (3/6/9/12min.)
  • No. of Rinse

    • Yes (1/2/3/Refill)
  • Spinning Time

    • Yes (1/3/5/7min.)
  • Water Level setting

    • Yes (10 levels)
  • Temp. Control

    • -
  • Auto Dosing selection (Detergent/Softnener)

    • Yes



    • Yes
  • Big Lint Filter

    • Yes (Big cassette 1)
  • Detergent Case (drawer type)

    • Drawer type
      • 2 compartments
    • Cover
      • With see-through window
  • Sub Detergent Case for manual / low water pressure

    • Yes


  • * Dimensions are without hose
    *¹ Panasonic R&D Internal Testing/TEST CONDITION: Normal wash. Comparison between ECONAVI-enabled operation (amount of laundry: 4.0kg, water temperature: above 35 °C) and ECONAVI – disabled operation (amount of laundry: 18.0kg (rated capacity), water temperature: below 15 °C)
    Test was conducted based on IEC60456 except for water temperature.
    *² AutoDose is available for all programmes except Tub Hygiene and Air Dry. Wash up to 1 month with an average of 3-4 loads a week. Results may vary depending on the wash load and settings.
    *³ Bacteria Elimination rate: 99.99% Escherichia coli & 99.99% Staphylococcus aureus. As certified by the Institute of Biotechnology (Vietnam No.270324.4TN/VCCM). Test conditions apply [Report Issue Date] 27th/Mar/2024. Allergen removal rate: 99% Mite. As certified by Biostir.Inc., Japan / * Test condition apply / *REPORT ISSUE DATE: 13th/Dec/2023
    *⁴ Based on Panasonic R&D internal testing.
    *⁵ 40% more energy saving compared to a full load washed by the Panasonic NA-F160A6 in an internal testing.

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