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Pressure Cooker NF-PC400KRA

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Pressure Cooker NF-PC400KRA

Nutrient-Rich Dishes in Shorter Time

Enjoy healthy, nutritious dishes in less time. With just one pot, the pressure cooker makes cooking less messy, reducing kitchen chores while delivering delicious dishes every time.
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Easy & Nutritious One-Pot Meals

Easy & Nutritious One-Pot Meals
Experience the joy of effortless, one-pot cooking, prioritising flavour and nutrition for you and your family.

Effortless Cooking with Auto Menus

Effortless Cooking with Auto Menus
Minimise cooking steps with 12 Auto Menus. Simply load the ingredients, select a menu, and effortlessly create nutritious, flavourful dishes with just the push of a button.

Rapid Cooking, Convenient Rice

High-Pressure Cooking

High-pressure cooking at up to 70 kPa achieves tender textures and richer tastes, ensuring quick cooking while extracting maximum flavours and nutrients.
High-Pressure Cooking

Quick & Delicious Rice

Beyond stews, the pressure cooker offers the convenience of cooking delicious white rice, brown rice, and congee, perfectly complementing your meals.
Quick & Delicious Rice

Versatile Cooking for Every Occasion

Versatile Cooking for Every Occasion
From sautéing and steaming to slow cooking and hot pots, the pressure cooker caters to all your cooking needs. With its 4L capacity, you can easily serve up to 1-8 people for any occasion.

Flexible & Convenient Daily Cooking

Quick Manual Pressure Release When You Are in A Hurry

Enjoy quicker meals when you're in a hurry or craving quick dishes after a busy day.
Quick Manual Pressure Release When You Are in A Hurry

Open Lid Cooking for Gatherings

Simplifies hot pot-style dishes with open lid cooking, allowing for easy sharing and enjoyment straight from the pot.
Open Lid Cooking for Gatherings

Easy Cleaning for Everyday Cooking

Eliminate odours with one-touch cleaning and breeze through everyday cleaning with the detachable inner lid.
Easy Cleaning for Everyday Cooking

Plan Meals Ahead with 24-Hour Preset Timer

Set your cooking start time conveniently with the 24-hour preset timer. Come home to a delicious, cooked meal ready to be served.
Plan Meals Ahead with 24-Hour Preset Timer

Frequently Asked Questions

All pressure cooking functions require the lid to be in place, except for the open-lid hotpot function, which requires the lid to be removed throughout cooking.

The open-lid hotpot function requires the lid to be removed, even when fresh ingredients are added for cooking at different times. If the lid is placed and locked, pressure will build up, and manual pressure release will be required.


Photo of Pressure Cooker NF-PC400KRA

Size and Weight


*Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

  • High Pressure CookingHigh Pressure Cooking
  • Quick Pressure ReleaseQuick Pressure Release
  • 24-Hour Preset Timer24-Hour Preset Timer
  • Open Lid CookingOpen Lid Cooking
  • Auto CleaningAuto Cleaning

12 Convenient Auto Menus Minimises Cooking Steps

Rapid Cooking with High-Pressure Cooking

Cooks a Variety of Rice Easily

Quick Manual Pressure Release When You Are In A Hurry

Open Lid Cooking for Hot Pots Serving Up to 8 Pax

Plan Meals Ahead with 24-Hour Preset Timer

Model No

  • NF-PC400KRA


  • 4L (Working: 2.4L)


  • 800W

Air Pressure (Max)

  • 70 kPa

Inner Pot (pan) Thickness

  • 2.0mm

Outer Lid

  • Detachable, Washable

Inner Lid

  • Detachable, SUS 304

Body Material / Colour

  • PP Plastic / Black

Auto Menu Programmes

  • 12

Display / Control Panel

  • Touch

Manual Pressure Release

  • Button (Manual Type)


  • Measuring Cup, Rice Scoop, Porridge (Soup) Scoop


  • 12 Auto Menus:
    Meat, Chicken, Soup, Beans, Steam, Stew, Quick Rice, Brown Rice, Pressure Cooking, Slow Cook, Open-lid Hotpot, Cleaning
    Delay Timer (Up to 24 hr)
    Keep Warm (24 hr)
    Auto or Manual Pressure Release


  • Size (H x W x D)

    • 262 mm x 274 mm x 340 mm
  • Weight (Approx.)

    • Approx. 4.2 kg


  • Specification might differ. Please refer to the Operations Manual

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