Cleaning-up washing machine with baking soda

When realize that your clothes are not so cleaned after washing even still using the same water and detergent, it might be caused by some dust subsided due to lacking a constant tidy-up.

Chef's emotion and their dish flavor

It is all known that our emotion affects on any work we do. How's about chefs when they are working with their ingredients in an extremely precise measurement?

Simple ways to brighten up your kitchen

A beautiful kitchen will inspire our daily cooking, make it no longer boring and reluctant. Some of very tiny tips below will easily bring you a very own tasteful kitchen.

How to well-organize our refrigerator in Tet holiday?

During Tet holiday, every Vietnamese household must store a huge amount of food piled-up in refrigerator, our refrigerator will be more spacious if apply the below suggestions:

Proper ways to use washing machine that you may not know yet?

Nowadays, washing machine becomes an essential home applicant with every family, however how to use washing machine effectively is not something that everyone all knows. Let take the below as your own note for every-time using washing machine:

Where is the best place for washing machine?

We all seems so unclear about some basic principals for putting washing machine in our houses that sometimes influences on machine duration and also dangers with user. The below is highly recommended notes when setting up washing machine:

Tips to keep our clothes always straighten

There are several ways to keep our clothes straighten instead of using ironing as usual:

"Weapons" of a modern-housewife

Housework is always being mentioned as list for trivial things but take lot of our time that causes every housewife's nuisance.