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Chef's emotion and their dish flavor

Chef's emotion and their dish flavor

It is all known that our emotion affects on any work we do. How's about chefs when they are working with their ingredients in an extremely precise measurement?

If a skillful chef is only made by choosing cooking ingredients very precisely and measuring exactly with every ratio for all elements, there are a bunch of masters merely brought by powerful support of cooking technology. However, "No matter how fresh and luxurious ingredients are, if the final dish is not full of emotion, that cook is not a proper chef at all.", a famous chef said.

It might be said that the emotion of every chef differentiates their own taste, and portray themselves in the culinary world.

Chef's emotion and their dish flavor

As Master Chef Vienam season 2 winner - Hoang Minh Nhat shared, "Chef 's emotion is crucial when cooking, every joyful or unpleasant feelings will directly influence on all of their dishes."

Minh Nhat always tries her very best to give all of her passion, hearty emotion to create the superfine flavor even from the familiar rustic bread - "banh my" to any elegant and luxurious dishes.

So, How to deliver all the good feelings into cooking? “The secret is just simply creating your own “Eden” with wonderful atmosphere solely for your cooking:

1. “Close the door” when cooking to avoid any noises, depression getting into you cooking space.

2. Play our favorite music! A melody of music combines with the joyful sounds of cooking, the fragrant smell of fresh dishes will make us more relaxed.

3. Keep the kitchen neat and cleaned! A messy or dirty kitchen definitely cost us more time and make your cooking even stressful sometimes.

4. Decorate kitchen with colorful and lovely favorite stuffs that will inspire more of your love with every day cooking.

5. Fresh cooking ingredients. Ingredient is always considered the key-factor of every dish, cooking passion and relaxation will be obviously evoked more when we can really feel how fresh and delicious in your dishes.

Chef's emotion and their dish flavor

Let's cook with our heart, give all love-feelings to our dishes, it is truly a cooking tip that is better than any signature recipes!

Let try to become your own house Master chef!