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"Weapons" of a modern-housewife

"Weapons" of a modern-housewife

Housework is always being mentioned as list for trivial things but take lot of our time that causes every housewife's nuisance.

However, nowadays we all can manage our housework very simply by taking use of the support of smart complex technologies in our modern home:

- Shopping: It will help to save a considerable amount of time by using huge volume and prime fresh preservation refrigerator after buying foods from supermarket and convenient store.


- Cooking: Prepare a full set of all necessary for our home-cooking: IH rice-cooker, oven, food processor, IH cooktop, micro-wave... and get ready to become a master chef in your own kitchen!


- Washing: It only needs to get all clothes into a high-end washing machine, and all the jobs will be fully handled by all modern washing-heating technologies in the machine.

- Cleaning: Using smart interiors and a vacuum cleaner will keep our house cleaned and neat.

- Baby-caring: Normally, it is the part that all housewives spend most on, however we can save half of the time when using a mini camera or communicating and positioning equipment to follow kids all the time.


- Beauty care: Facial washing machine, massage, sauna… will make up for all the busy days and help to maintain our own beauty.