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Where is the best place for washing machine?

Where is the best place for washing machine?

We all seems so unclear about some basic principals for putting washing machine in our houses that sometimes influences on machine duration and also dangers with user. The below is highly recommended notes when setting up washing machine:

Where is the best place for washing machine

- Dry place with any roof covered, connected with electric and water sources.

- Washing machine is put in a fix plug and able to turn on by button or breaker.

- Ground wire is compulsory for safety in case of electric leakage.

- Washing machine should be located at a stable and flat ground.

- Use standing to stabilize machine.

- Use separate cabinet or covering tools when putting machine in not a best-reasonable place.

- Avoid the place of direct sunlight.

- Not put any soft floor mats under the machine because of the vibration when washing.

- Do not often move and let the machine cracked when washing.

- Do not let any water or chemicals drop in control panel when operating.

- High-humidity environment like bathroom is not recommended for putting washing machine in, because of the risk of control panel IC damage and electric leakage.

- Do not put in kitchen, oxidization reduces machine duration.

- Do not put in balcony which will lower machine operation ability by environment condition.