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The busy couple

Organising your fridge doesn’t have to be a hassle

Organising your fridge and freezer can be tricky as a couple. How do you ensure both your needs are met?
My name is John, and this is the freezer of my awesome two-door fridge. My wife and I are busy people who like cooking,
but don’t love it. Hence, we rely on food that is easy to prepare.
Check out these tips for food storage that help make your food routine simple and efficient.

Inside my freezer: organised chaos

Before: many people don’t make the most of their fridge dimensions. After: the best refrigerator brand helps you make the most of your food.

I love how the large fridge dimensions translate to a roomy freezer — and you can fit even more food
by removing one compartment for more space! When we store leftovers, we try to label the food
container by writing on tape so we know what’s inside.

We also store some interesting non-food items, like:
• Nail polish (my wife says this prolongs the shelf life)
• Eye masks: I buy a “freezable” gel kind which is super-soothing when it’s hot
• Jeans: seems strange I know, but this helps me stay cool during a warm morning commute

And finally, for a healthy frozen treat, my wife keeps strawberries ready to pop into a smoothie.

That’s our messy freezer right now — but I know there are ways to improve our food storage.

How to organise your refrigerator and freezer

Some interesting things there, John! We’ve got some cool tips for you.

Use your food containers and Tupperware cleverly, and food storage becomes easy

Keep boxes front-facing so you see the picture immediately. Organise items into sections — veggies in the door, ice cream in the back (so you’re less tempted to snack). Think of different sides as “his” and “her” sections!

We don’t recommend putting nail polish in the freezer (this can make it thicken, according to some sources).

Try to freeze things as flat as possible to save space. You might even flatten a cut of meat before you freeze it, so it defrosts faster.

Keep items in the temperature range that suits them best. The freezer keeps things around minus-18 degrees Celsius, so it’s great for frozen meals and ice cream. Other items, like drinks or food you will soon consume, can be stored in the fridge.

Try to take good care of your fridge. If you overstuff the compartment, it can block the flow of cool air, making the freezer less efficient.

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This eco-friendly fridge and freezer combines a range of high-tech features

Inside the freezer

• This advanced inverter refrigerator varies power depending on the context. During the day it shifts to higher power. In the night it shifts to low-power mode. The result is an eco-friendly fridge and freezer with power reduction of up to 40 percent*.

• Ag Meat Case: this area of the freezer is specially designed to hold meats, fish and strong-smelling items, so odours don’t spread to the rest of the fridge.
• The Ag Clean feature deactivates 99.9 percent of mould and bacteria, while an active enzyme neutralises nasty odours.
• Like all Panasonic fridges, this model undergoes tough product testing. Because the best refrigerator brand isn’t just one that offers advanced technology, but technology that lasts for years.

Explore the fridge and freezer that’s perfect for any couple here.

*Panasonic in-house data.

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