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Panasonic solar lantern light up hope for people in high mountain of North West Vietnam

Yen Bai, 10 March 2016 - As part of its global "100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project", Panasonic donated 702 solar lanterns to Yen Bai, Vietnam, in an integrated environmental event jointly organized by Vietnam Environment Administration & World Vision International Vietnam. The donation ceremony was organized in Van Chan district, one of four receiving points, together with Tram Tau, Yen Binh and Luc Yen.

The Panasonic’s global “100 Thousand Solar Lantern Project” reached Vietnam the first time in 2015 with 630 solar lanterns donated to Dien Bien provinces. The second effort to create positive change in life of people in non-electrified villages of Yen Bai and Thanh Hoa in 2016 will bring total number of donated in Vietnam to 1,632. In the world, over 50,000 solar lanterns have been donated to 14 countries including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Philippines. Untill 2018, Panasonic will continue to bring light to more people in non-electrified areas, especially Asia and Africa.

Masahiro Yamamoto, Corporate Planning and Brand Promotion Director, Panasonic Vietnam, commented, “We have received positive feedback from last year donation and learn that many people in mountainous areas are still left behind without access to electricity. By donating solar lantern to Vietnam, Panasonic want to address their social issues and also promote usage of renewable energy and eco friendly products in society for Live Your Best.”

In parallel with the donation ceremony, under the partnership agreement, Vietnam Environment Administration and Panasonic launched the first eco learning class and battery exchange campaign to kick off its “Action program for a green Vietnam” with an aim to promote eco friendly products and enhance environment awareness of local people.

Over 300 minority students in secondary boarding school of Van Chan district have learned about climate change and how to protect the environment, especially the forest around their house in the eco learning class lectured by Panasonic and VEA members. An eco workshop was organized for students to discover the wonderful of science and practical ways to contribute to protect environment.

Further promoting usage of eco products to local society, the green battery exchange campaign is rolled in Yen Bai city and Van Chan district to actively promote the use of eco products in local community. Around 3000 Panasonic eco batteries – with 0% hazardous substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium – are ready to be exchanged with discarded batteries of any brand for free.

In 2016, the “Action program for a green Vietnam” will enhance environment awareness, promote eco friendly products to 1000 students and exchange 30,000 eco batteries in Hanoi, Lang Son, Thanh Hoa and Lao Cai.