Panasonic honored for its contributions to Sustainable Development of Vietnam

Hanoi, 15 Dec 2021 - Recently, Panasonic has been honored for its contributions in Vietnam by two awards including Top 100 Sustainable Enterprises in 2021, announced by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and Most Energy Efficient Products 2021, certified by Ministry of Industry and Trade. These prestigious awards continue to recognize the efforts of the Panasonic Vietnam group companies in the journey of contributing to the well-ness and sustainable development of Vietnam, especially in the context of 50th year anniversary of Panasonic in Vietnam.

The award has affirmed that Panasonic is doing responsible business in all three aspects: economic - social - environment, when fully qualified Corporate Sustainable Index including: Sustainable Development Performance Index, Governance Index; Environmental Index and Labor-Social Index.

Panasonic honored for its contributions to Sustainable Development of Vietnam

Panasonic always strive to propose solutions to social problem to realize founder's philosophy "contributing to society". In the new context of Vietnam, Panasonic has declared its business direction becoming a Total Wellness Solutions Providing Company, pioneering in human-oriented technology, at the same time, proposing solutions to critical social problems, to bring a healthy, safe and comfortable life to Vietnamese people and sustainable development of the country.

In 2021, Panasonic continues to develop and expand business in Vietnam. Panasonic has launched the first indoor air quality (IAQ) factory in Binh Duong province with a total investment capital of USD 45 million, aiming to improve indoor air quality for better people's lives and sustainable development of the country. To strengthen that direction, the Research and Development (R&D) center at the IAQ factory is expected to come into operation to become a hub in the ASEAN market focusing on developing Panasonic tailored technologies such as nanoeX, Blue Ag+ etc... to bring health, safety, and comfort life solutions to Vietnamese people. This will be the third R&D center of Panasonic in Vietnam.

In parallel with business expansion, Panasonic keep implement CSR activities, focus on environment and future generations. Overcoming many difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic, Panasonic Vietnam has donated 110,000 trees in the annual program “Panasonic for a green Vietnam”. With the expert consultation of the Center for Natural Resources and Environment Communication - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, during eight years of implementing, the program has been successfully held in 10 provinces, city over the country, donating almost 250,000 trees for provinces both in North and South.

Besides, Panasonic Risupia Vietnam - the non-profit educational community center, during the society lockdown to prevent pandemic, has organized nearly 40 online classes on science and environment topics to nearly 1,000 students participated, inspiring future generations to continue the country's sustainable development journey. Over the past 10 years, Panasonic Risupia Vietnam has organized more than 6,000 educational and environmental activities with engaging experimental topics, which have been enjoyed and appreciated by teachers and students.

The CSI Index also highly recognize Human Resource Management factors of Panasonic with efforts to build a working environment based on a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) culture that enhancing the value of each individual to better contribute to the development of the company and society.

In addition to VCCI’s Sustainable award, Panasonic also received the award of Most Energy Efficient Products 2021, certified by Ministry of Industry and Trade. This is the second year in a row that Panasonic Appliances Vietnam Co., Ltd., among Panasonic Vietnam Group companies in Vietnam, has been honored for energy-saving and environment-friendly washing machine products. All registered Panasonic products for this award have the highest energy efficiency level (level 5), not only meeting but also exceeding current Vietnam standards. Among them, the award-winning washing machine models NA-F100A9, NA-F90A9, NA-S96FG1, NA-S106FX1 have 3-4 times higher energy efficiency than standard level, and will be labeled Most Energy Efficient Products 2021 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The awards is a recognition for Panasonic's effort to realize the Environment Vision 2050, established by the Corporation since 2017 as a long-term strategy for sustainable environmental management. Under that vision, Panasonic is constanttly developing technologies to improve energy efficiency of products, while innovating manufacturing processes.

Panasonic honored for its contributions to Sustainable Development of Vietnam

Mr. Junji Kamiya, Assisstant Director of R&D Center, Panasonic Appliances Vietnam shared: “Energy saving is one of the important issues in the world as well as in Vietnam. Panasonic set the energy saving through our products as one of our important missions and we have been working on it for decades. Therefore, Panasonic is honored to continue supporting the government in energy saving activities in order to bring a better life for Vietnamese people and the country’s sustainable development."

Panasonic honored for its contributions to Sustainable Development of Vietnam

The recognition by prestigious awards demonstate Panasonic's effort to realize its vision of keep contributing to the wellness and sustainable development of society. About that vision, Mr. Yuki Kusumi, President and CEO of Panasonic Corporation: “I believe that squarely addressing various societal issues, including global environmental issues, and taking up the challenge of making a greater contribution to the development of society and the resolution of pressing issues will also lead to further improvement of business competitiveness. Management to increase corporate sustainability through contributions to achieving a sustainable society can also be described as ESG management. From Panasonic’s perspective, this is precisely about implementing our management philosophy. Based on this way of thinking, Panasonic will strive to help reach an “ideal society” so that our children, grandchildren, and beyond can live with affluence both in matter and mind. And we will aim to become a valued company needed by society, thus enhancing corporate value from the perspective of stakeholders as well as enterprise value from financial aspects. I would like to ask for your continued support of Panasonic.”