GD new year message 2022

GD new year message 2022

Dear all Valued Customers, Business Partners, and Colleagues,

With my very first words, I would like to express my deep gratitude to your continuous and great support to Panasonic!

We have gone through a tough year in 2021. Although it was a very special milestone for Panasonic marking our official 50th year in Vietnam, the raging pandemic in 2nd consecutive year has challenged Vietnam in general and Panasonic in particular. Despite many difficulties, with your strong companionship, we could run our business in Vietnam with many achievements and find solutions for different issues.

Above all, I deeply understand and share the hardship that Vietnam and Vietnamese people have been going through during this period, particularly those who have been affected by Covid-19. Especially, I would like to express my deepest sympathy to those of our employees, as well as many people, who have been seriously mentally, physically or fiscally affected. Again, I was really impressed by the spirit and unity of all Vietnamese people, together with strong action of the government, all have enabled the country to quickly adapt to the new normal situation to sustain socio-economic development with positive economic growth. I believe we can together overcome any difficulties with resilience as has been demonstrated in the past. And Panasonic commits to continue our efforts to enhance our contribution to Vietnam’s wellness and sustainable development in the next 50 years.

On this occasion, I would highly appreciate strong efforts of all Panasonic’s employees. With agile and teamwork spirit, we have ensured the safety and health of our customers, business partners and employees to continue a successful operation.

I am extremely proud that Panasonic is honored in the Top 100 Sustainable Businesses in Vietnam 2021 by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and we continue to receive the Most Energy Efficient Products Award 2021 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the 2nd year.

Despite serious pandemic situation and 3-at-site arrangements at our factories, the launching of the first Indoor Air Quality Devices factory in Binh Duong, Vietnam, is another evidence of our determination to become a Total Wellness Solution Company to better contribute to Vietnam.

Now, it is the time for heading toward the new year 2022. I sincerely hope that this year will be much better for all of us in terms of health, safety, and business, especially for those who have been badly impacted and have been managing to recover from the pandemic.

Again, 2022 will be the remarkable opening of our next 50-year journey in Vietnam. With our ever-strong commitment and effort, leveraging our strengths of technology and manufacturing experience, we shall strive our very best to contribute to the wellness life of Vietnamese people and sustainable Vietnamese society so that we will quickly overcome the present tough situation. On top of that, we shall introduce new CSR programs which is customized to meet with the new development context and stay closer to the needs of the society, continuing to focus on education, environment, and wellness which, as we believe, are 3 pillars for the sustainable development and prosperity of Vietnam.

Beyond all existing unfavorable conditions, I truly believe the coming 2022 will be another special year for all of us to set new goals towards our visions. Let us continue the spirit of “challenge and change”, let us work smart and turn challenges into opportunities, to welcome a new exciting year of success!

Taking this chance, I wish you and your family a new year full of Health, Success and Wellness!

Your sincerely,

Marukawa Yoichi