Hanoi, Jul 11 – Panasonic Vietnam held the opening ceremony of the film-making program Kid Witness News’ (KWN) 15th season with the participation of more than 100 representatives of parents, teachers and students from 16 groups from primary, secondary and high schools in Hanoi. 

The launching ceremony of KWN2022
The launching ceremony of KWN2022

The KWN program has been implemented by Panasonic for many years with the aim of creating a healthy and rewarding playground for students, especially during the summer, where students can enrich their knowledge about environmental issues, social issues, as well as fostering soft skills throughout the process of learning filmmaking. At the same time, the children have a chance to learn about filmmaking and the use of the 7th art’s professional equipment. Through the program, Panasonic wants to empower children, the future owners of the country, to have the opportunity to voice their views, through which, they will show initiatives and awareness, and their own perspectives on social and global issues.

After 2 years with many difficulties due to the pandemic, the KWN program has been managed to continue with some parts of the filmmaking training course converted online. In 2022, the 15th season is back full of excitement and freshness. For the first time, the films of the participating teams will be officially premiered in the KWN Film Festival at a professional cinema. In addition, many online and face-to-face skills training and exchange activities will be implemented in parallel to bring the most beneficial learning experiences to students.

Director and Actor Dang Ngoc Dung – one of the program's lecturers shared: “I have been with Panasonic's KWN program for many years. KWN is a very meaningful educational program, because when children are empowered with a new tool of filming art, they will have the opportunity to show many different perspectives to tell things that life is lacking or in need in the purest, most humane and meaningful way. Therefore, I am very happy to accompany them in this filmmaking season.”

KWN lecturer Dang Ngoc Dung sharing about art for students
KWN lecturer Dang Ngoc Dung sharing about art for students

Nguyen Binh Minh - leader of Binh Minh filmmaking team from Dich Vong Hau Secondary School - has never participated in a professional filmmaking course before. That is also the reason why Minh and his team members want to participate in the program: "KWN can help me and my friends improve communication skills and promote creativeness when learning about cinema."

Excited faces at the opening ceremony of KWN 2022
Excited faces at the opening ceremony of KWN 2022

KWN is a global filmmaking training program organized by Panasonic for students between the ages of 10 and 18 and is implemented globally to provide a unique experience for students in professional filmmaking together with famous filmmakers and actors and professional filming equipment; create opportunities for children to voice and share their own perspectives on environmental issues, sustainable development and communication; develop soft skills such as creativity, communication skills, teamwork, and other soft skills through filmmaking.

First held in the US since 1989, the KWN program has been implemented in Vietnam since 2006 until now, with impressive numbers: more than 164 schools and more than 2800 students participated, more than 120 videos were produced, 13 times the top films were sent to attend the KWN Global summit.

Pursuing the business philosophy of “Contributing to society” set forth by the Founder more than 100 years ago, Panasonic has a constant commitment to contribute to the sustainable development and prosperity of Vietnam through its business and corporate social responsibility activities, focusing on education and environment fields, with some highlighted programs such as:
• Planted over 250,000 trees in 10 provinces, city across Vietnam in the annual tree planting program "Panasonic for a green Vietnam”.
• Panasonic Risupia Vietnam, a playground for Vietnamese students of all ages, stimulating their passion for science and technology.
• Eco learning program: aiming to raise awareness and actions of students on environment protection
• Battery exchange program: collect used batteries of all kinds in exchange for Panasonic “green” batteries (free of toxicants such as lead, mercury, cadmium)
• Other donation activities for schools, hospitals, local communities etc

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