Panasonic was honored as TOP Sustainable Enterprises with the highlight for effort of minimizing carbon emission

Hanoi, 29th Jun 2023 – Panasonic Vietnam was presented in Top 50 Sustainable Enterprises in Vietnam by Nhip cau Dau tu magazine (TOP 50 CSA), reaffirming the tremendous efforts and contribution of the Japanese brand for Vietnam towards the vision of wellness and sustainable development.

Specially this year, Panasonic Vietnam is one of six outstanding enterprises get honored in award category of Minimize Carbon Footprint, the recognition for business pursuing low-carbon strategy and promoting energy efficiency. It is a significant change of the CSA 2023, when the organizer divided into 18 award categories under the ESG (Environment – Social – Governance) standards in order to highlight the enterprise’s contribution to community.

Mr. Oka Hiroyuki, Director of Panasonic Vietnam shared: “The honorable recognition for second year in a row from reputable media as Nhip cau Dau tu has reaffirmed our contribution for the sustainable development of Vietnam. Sustainable development has been the consistent vision of Panasonic in all our activities, of which, the CO2 emission reduction is a key objective declared by the Group through the Panasonic GREEN IMPACT commitment that is also in-line with Vietnamese Government direction on Net Zero CO2. With the next 50-year vision to be a Wellness solution providing company, we will keep striving our best to bring a Healthy, Safety, and Convenience life to Vietnamese people, while contribute to the sustainable development of the society by our advanced technology and passion.

Panasonic was honored as TOP Sustainable Enterprises with the highlight for effort of minimizing carbon emission

Panasonic Vietnam is presented in TOP 50 CSA for the second year in a row

On top of its vision towards sustainability, Panasonic has been developing exclusive technologies and initiatives to improve energy efficiency, eco-friendly products and reduce CO2 emission from manufacturing and all related activities. Various green factory initiatives enable it to cut down thousand tons of CO2 thanks to electricity saving. In products, Panasonic has developed exclusive technology such as Inverter, EcoNavi.... has help to cutting down the electricity usage for customers and improve energy efficiency, in which the brand's washing machine has been awarded Most Energy Efficient Products by Ministry of Industry and Trade for consecutive three years (2020-2022). Beside, Panasonic's B2B solutions help businesses towards sustainable development such as comprehensive indoor air quality management solutions, to bring healthy and green living space to all constructions, while helps to save the energy and resources.

Moreover, the Japanese company has spent consistent contribution to environment protection in Vietnam over years through various CSR activities. Tree planting is an activity with tremendous passion of Panasonic, with total of 610,000 trees has been planted and donated across Vietnam for the 10 years. In which, the annual "Eco-relay" program with the enthusiastic participation of the company's employees has contributed more than 260,000 trees; resonate with more than 350,000 trees through the tree planting project "Live wellness and contribute green with Panasonic" with the active participation of customers and business partners.

Besides afforestation, Panasonic spend effort to inspire the community, especially the young generation, in creating a green, healthy and sustainable Vietnam through series of activities such as environmental classed for local students; empowering and sponsoring for youth environmental initiatives.

Panasonic was honored as TOP Sustainable Enterprises with the highlight for effort of minimizing carbon emission

The award recognizes Panasonic's contributions, especially efforts in reducing CO2 emissions

Globally, Panasonic Corporation announced its commitment “Panasonic GREEN IMPACT” with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 2050 by more than 300 million tons and accelerated towards carbon neutrality together with society, which is in-line with Vietnamese Government direction of achieving net zero CO2 by 2050. 

Top 50 Sustainable Development Enterprises Award 2023 was organized for the second time by Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine with the aims of contributing to promote the corporate awareness of sustainable development under the framework of ESG standards. This year, 20 FDI and 30 Vietnamese companies have been recognized.

The evaluation and voting process is carried out by an Appraisal Council consisting of reputable and highly specialized experts and organizations such as HSBC Bank, Research Institute for Circular Economy Development, Deloitte Vietnam, PwC Vietnam and other business experts… to ensure objectivity and science in the assessment.