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“eco ideas” Factory – Panasonic Vietnam

“eco ideas” Factory

Panasonic Group’s vision is to become the No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry by our 100th year anniversary in 2018. As one of the key efforts to achieve this vision, Panasonic has announced the Global “eco ideas” Declaration and committed to develop model ’eco ideas’ Factories. The ‘eco ideas’ Factories embody Panasonic’s commitment to promote environmental sustainability initiatives and contribute to a greener society. These model factories not only develop eco products with sustainable industry practices but also take a lead role in promoting greater eco awareness in the community through outreach activities.

Five Panasonic ‘eco ideas’ Factories have been set up in the Asia Pacific region thus far. In addition to Panasonic Vietnam Group at the Thang Long Industrial Park, Panasonic Asia Pacific has established Refrigeration Devices Company in Singapore, Home Appliances Company in Thailand, AVC (Audio Visual Components) Networks Company in Malaysia and Lighting Company in Indonesia. Panasonic Asia Pacific will next establish an ‘eco ideas’ Factory in India. By March 2013, Panasonic aims to have one ‘eco ideas’ Factory in each country with manufacturing sites in the region.

In line with the Global “eco ideas” declaration, the Panasonic ‘eco ideas’ Factories in the region act as a platform to communicate Panasonic’s ‘eco ideas’ commitments to external stakeholders and the community at large. In Vietnam, the Panasonic Vietnam Group announce the “eco ideas” declaration by continuously implement “eco ideas” activities in two categories “Eco ideas” for Lifestyle and “Eco ideas” for business style.

“eco Ideas” for lifestyle

We are actively pursuing energy efficiency when developing our products. For system products, we have managed to achieve 53% energy saving for our TV intercom product compared to a normal model in the market. Besides enhancing energy efficiency, Panasonic Vietnam Group is also promoting effective utilization of resources when producing electronic devices. This will help in conserving natural resources as well as reducing waste in the manufacturing process.

Apart from contributing with the production of ECO products, Panasonic Vietnam Group continue to expand its corporate citizenship activities to incite environmental awareness amongst future generation such as Kid Witness News, Eco Picture Diary contest and Panasonic Eco Learning Programme. So far total 7700 children have participated in these programs and we plan to reach out to 12,000 students by March 2014.

“eco Ideas” for business style

The newly launched ‘eco ideas’ Factory in Vietnam will:
Setting the benchmark for the reduction of CO2 emission, waste generation
Promoting recycle and re-use activities
Raising standard for efficient energy management
In our “eco ideas” factory, Panasonic Vietnam Group has adopted many measures factory to reduce CO2 emissions such as installing an air-conditioner system water pump with inverter technology and a sensor in the ventilation system to reduce more than 1200 tons CO2/year. Other initiatives such as changing the existing lightings to Hi-Efficiency lighting and replacing burning holes in the kitchen helped us reduce 340 tons and 140 tons CO2/year.

These innovation and creative ideas are foundation for us to strive toward 5.6% reduction of CO2 emissions per production unit.

Another important activity of our factory is Waste Management.

In Panasonic Vietnam Group, we promote the 3R concept, consisting of Reduce. Reuse and Recycle. Wastes such as Defective printed circuit board, wastes resins are recycled for new products while wood and plastic pallets are reused to minimize waste and conserve resources.

At Panasonic Vietnam Group, understanding the importance of raising environmental awareness of employees, we have been actively engaging our employees through various environmental activities with the community. These activities include tree planting events at Hai Phong City and Ba Vi National Park, environmental education programmes in schools, as well as No Plastic Day.

We will continue to contribute to the society in the area of eco by working with the community.