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Enjoy Films – Discover Science


This November, Risupia welcomes visitors with a series of exciting events and activities for all ages.

The Goethe Science Film Festival 2018

With a simple, easy to understand and entertaining approach, the films of Goethe Science Film Festival 2018 presents meaningful messages about food, nutrition and the problem of meeting the increasing need of food without damaging the environment. After each film, the children will also have chance to join in funny experiments at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam.


The premiere of “Kids witness news” film 2018

Kid Witness News (KWN) is a global educational program sponsored by Panasonic with the aims to stimulate creativity, build communication skills and encourage teamwork among children in primary and secondary schools through fieldwork and other activities related to video production.

In 2018, 13 short films about 3 topics: communication, environment and sports, produced by young filmmakers have left impressive and unexpected results for both organizing committee and professional filmmakers. Although the films are still naïve in some way, they expressed the students’ point of view.

The films are premiered at Panasonic Risupia's Magical Performance Theater from 3 November.

Please come to enjoy with us.


Outdoor film training course at Mai Chau of KWN contestant films in KWN 2018. 

Practice yoga with experts

According to the experts, yoga is not only good for adults but also good for the mental and physical health of children.

Attending yoga class in Panasonic Risupia, children will learn about the mysteries of yoga for health as well as receive the guidance of expert on proper yoga movements.


Eco workshop

Not only learn to make cute beautiful toys and souvenir like paper animals, cards, etc., eco workshops also help to raise the children’s awareness about the importance of environment protection and waste recycling.

In particular, the handmade floral cards will be a very meaningful gift to the teachers, on the occasion of Vietnam Teachers Day - November 20th.

Please see below for detailed schedule.


By using recycled materials to make nice objects, eco workshop also aims to raise the awareness of children about environment protection and waste recycling.

Cooking class – For adult

Young rice (Cốm) is a signature flavour of autumn in Hanoi. On 4 November, the cooking class for adults will introduce to the attendees the recipe to make delicious Grilled Minced Meat Cake (Chả cốm).

Join the cooking class in Panasonic Risupia Vietnam to add on more delicious recipes for your family and friends.


Cooking class – For children

Here’s a good news for children who are fan of pizza. On November 18th, Panasonic Risupia cooking class will present the children with a very fast and simple recipe to make “Beef Pizza”. We hope that after the class, the little ones will surprise their parents and the whole family with such a delicious and healthy dish.

Please see below for detailed schedule.


Enjoy cooking class for children with “Beef pizza” recipe

Workshop with experts

On 4th November, the “Technology Revolution 4.0 for the youth” with speaker Le Ngoc Tuan - founder of Maker Hanoi will provide parents and students with useful information about programming in Technology era 4.0 and method and reference for self-study at home.

On 18th November, speaker Frederic Labarthe, with nearly 20 years of research and teaching experience in the field of Human Management and Development will share with parents how to love and support their children properly by understanding the psychology of children and the expectations of children with their parents.

There’s Vietnamese interpreter in the workshop.


Enjoy mini game on weekend

Besides, Panasonic Risupia also regularly hosts a number of mini-events, not only providing useful information on home and family care, but also offering many attractive gifts. Please follow the fanpage and website of Panasonic Risupia to not miss these exciting activities.


Secret recipe, Technology discovery, everyday beautiful hair games always attract many guests.

Detailed activity schedule

Notice when attending Panasonic Risupia Vietnam

    • This schedule is for individual guests only.
    • Please register at the reception 30 minutes before starting time of each activity.



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