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Experience the Culture, Explore Japan

Experience the Culture, Explore Japan

Talking about Japanese culture is a reference to the world's most brilliant civilization, referring to the love and admiration for the diverse culture of “the country of cherry blossoms”, such as: the cultural Manga, anime, cultural culinary delicate with sushi, ramen, matcha, or unique J-Pop and kawaii super cute ...

In this June, let's go to Panasonic Risupia Vietnam to explore the suprise and exciting about Japan, the people and culture . This is a special event for young people who interested in the culture and history of countries over the world. Do not skip it!

Immerse yourself into Japanese art and culture

In addition to the exciting Science and Environment Experimental classes such as making ice-cream, UV Bracelets, there is a fascinating learning of folding Origami. Origami is the art of folding paper that has appeared in Japan since the sixth century and gradually became a unique art in “the country of cherry blossoms”. Traditional Origami patterns are often used in rituals and Japanese culture.

Coming to the event, you will have the opportunity to test your ingenuity by manually folding origami paper and to feel the wonder from experiecing this art. At the same time, Panasonic Risupia Vietnam will organize a " Japanese culture contest” for young people who love to explore “new lands” with amazing gifts. Are you ready to join?

Experience the Culture, Explore Japan

Discover cuisine, try calligraphy, and participate in Japanese games

Japanese cuisine is very diverse but extremely delicate. It is included sushi, tea ceremony, mochi and rice cake. Ohagi is one of the most popular pastries which made from soft, delicate and sweet taste. Coming to the cooking class, kids will learn how to make Ohagi and enjoy the food together.

In addition, calligraphy class will help you relax and practice your patience. Especially, all the classes are instructed by Japanese experts! Let's come and experience it!


The program “Excellent students, receiving gifts”

On the occasion of ending the school year 2016 ~ 2017, Panasonic Risupia Vietnam especially having gifts for primary and secondary students who achieve good results to encourage and support the spirit of learning.

Experience the Culture, Explore Japan

Thousands of gifts from “Risupia Loyalty Card” program

 “Risupia Loyalty Card” program will be launched and presented to all visitors at Panasonic Risupia in May. The program is effective from 27 May to 31 Aug 2017. You need to collect 10 stamps on the card and have chance to win 01 of Panasonic products for valuable gifts such as movie gift-cards, raincoats or ceramic mugs, etc.

Experience the Culture, Explore Japan