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Which activities are happening at Panasonic Risupia in October? This’s Clean air day with a series of exciting activities providing useful knowledge and many valuable gifts; Cooking with Panasonic for kids to practice making delicious brown sugar bubble with fresh milk; Useful science and eco workshop for children from 5-13 years old; Beautiful hair workshop - a gift for women on Vietnamese Women's Day. Especially, in the last weeks of October, the children will enjoy the special atmosphere of Halloween Festival with spooky game chains and many interesting gifts!

Stay tuned and join with us!

Panasonic Risupia Vietnam is a corporate social responsibility activity of Panasonic to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam. Activities at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam are completely free.

Vietnam Clean Air Day

<< Learn – Have fun – Get interesting gifts >> Time: 5/10 - 6/10

In this day, Panasonic Risupia will bring families:

🔎 An opportunity to learn useful knowledge about the comprehensive air solution

💥 LUCKY DRAW with special prizes of Panasonic air purifier and many other valuable gifts with a total value of up to 52 million VND

🎁 GIVING a stylish water bottles and eco-friendly canvas for visitors with the correct answer when participating "Quiz" game and "Check-in" at Panasonic Risupia

🔔 "3 steps of clean air" interactive game for families. After experiencing the games, families also can spin the lucky wheel to receive gifts!

What could be more interesting than having fun while receiving gifts and having more useful knowledge to protect your health?

Vietnam Clean Air Day

Clean air day. 5/10 - 6/10 at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam

Science workshop - For 5-13 years old children

Image by Kidaha from Pixabay

Science workshop - For 5-13 years old children

“Úm ba la – The secret of the witch”

Time: 9:30 – 10:30 & 15:30 – 16:30 on Saturday and Sunday (12/10, 13/10)

Learn about the chemical reactions by observing the water color changing experiment and practice mixing natural colors for everyday beverage products from simple ingredients.

Beautiful hair for women workshop – For female visitors

Time: 9:30 – 10:30 on Saturday (12/10)

Celebrating Vietnamese Women’s Day, Panasonic together with hair experts of Zusso Hair Salon to organize “Beautiful Hair for Women” workshop. On this occasion, Zusso Hai Salon also offers valuable vouchers for the participants.

Beautiful hair for women workshop – For female visitors

Beautiful hair for women workshop – A gift for beauty

Cooking with Panasonic

Cooking with Panasonic program – A place for cooking lovers

Cooking with Panasonic

Cooking not only helps children have fun and relax after stressful studying hours but each step during cooking is a chance for them to develop fine-motor and eye-hand coordination skills, teamwork skills, enrich knowledge about nutrition and foods to create healthy eating habits.

Cooking with Panasonic is a space for adult guests to interact, share delicious recipes to enrich family meals. It’s also a chance for participants to get more information about modern kitchen appliances helping the job of caring family easier and more comfortable.

This October, Panasonic Risupia introduces to the visitors two recipes that are very delicious and suitable for the time of October. Please join us!

  • Brown sugar bubble fresh milk” – For kids - 15:30 – 16:30 on Sunday (13/10)
  • “Beef wrapped vegetable” – For adults - 15:30 – 16:30 on Sunday (20/10)

Eco workshop – For 5-13 years old children

Time: 9:30 - 10:30 & 15:30 – 16:30 Saturday and Sunday (19/10, 20/10)

The workshops helps to train children 's ingenuity and creativity so that they can create lively animal models or toys from simple available materials. There’re two topics designed for 2 age groups:

  • Spooky bat – For 5-8 years old kids
  • Recycled rockets – For 9-13 years old kids
Eco workshop – For 5-13 years old children

Environmental Experiment Program for children from 5-13 years old

Halloween Festival “Lost maze”

Children are excited to participate in Halloween season games at Risupia

Halloween Festival “Lost maze” 

Time: from 7/9 to 18/9 at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam

Let’s enjoy the Halloween party with fascinating games in the mysterious space of the carnival.

  • Lost maze
  • Tracking pumpkin
  • Ghost eyes’ plate
  • Halloween puzzle
  • Frighten Five in a row
  • Talent witch

Detailed schedule activity

Detailed schedule activity

Weekend activity schedule 5/10 - 6/10

Detailed schedule activity

Weekend activity schedule 12/10 - 13/10

Detailed schedule activity

Weekend activity schedule 19/10, 20/10, 26/10, 27/10

Panasonic Risupia Vietnam

  • Address: Panasonic Risupia Vietnam, 2nd floor Sunrise Building, 90 Tran Thai Tong, Cau Giay, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 0934501689
  • Facebook: